After our series in church entitled “Blueprint,” I was once again reminded of the biblical design of God for man and woman: he was designed to lead and she was designed to help.

Unfortunately, whether it’s the influence of the media, or because of one’s personal experience, a lot of men have not stepped up to the plate and have taken on a life of passivity. But this blog is not to address men, but all of you women who are reading this, including me.

We are called to be man’s helpmate or helper. Do we help or do we hinder? Often times, we are the first to criticize the men in our lives… our husbands, our fathers, our brothers, our sons, our male friends. We discourage instead of encourage, we put down instead of build up. We don’t trust them enough to make the right decisions and we rob them of opportunities for maturity. They will make mistakes, that’s for sure, and they will fail at times, but mistakes and failure can build their character.

We clearly see that a lot of men have fallen short of God’s calling for them to lead, but could it be possible that we women have failed in our calling to be their helper too?

So my challenge to us is this: Let’s start with the important men in our lives. Let us start appreciating them for their efforts to lead and protect and provide and allow them to make important decisions. Let us do our best to build them up with our words and prayer and help them become who God has called them to be.

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10 Replies to “DO WE HELP OR HINDER?”

  1. Ay naiyak talaga ako ha? I just thought of my son. Thanks Jenn…very timely reminder.You are such a woman of wisdom. Talk to you soon…

  2. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. It is definitely tough to be a wife…but it must also be tough to be the husband as well. Sometimes, it does get scary, I can’t help but step in at times, only to realize that I got us both sinking instead. It’s good to be reminded before I make another one of those mistakes again that our God is also the God over our husbands… 🙂

  3. I really appreciate your prayer in the podcast for the Blueprint-In the Lead…I am learning a lot from the church and I am glad to learn biblical principles as early as now in my almost 2-year old marriage to my hubby who was my boyfriend of 12 years. Truly I appreciate the Lord for giving him into my life to help out.

    1. thank you sasa! i have been married 16 years and i know i wouldn’t be here right now if not for the grace of God and how He used the church to teach us the principles we need to make it work.

  4. “we rob them of opportunities for maturity” -wow, you write really well Jenn, rich in wisdom, insightful and articulate. Great job!

  5. Completely guilty…stepping in and doing too much just to get things moving or even worse get things done not only tolerates our man’s passivity but worsr makes him accept that he could do less thus will settle for being a helper to more dominating woman! Because of God’s Word, I realized I was totally wrong despite my good intentions. With grace of God, I’m stepping back to allow my husband to take the lead with God.

  6. Many thanks Jen for your blogs, it made me realize my lapses and weaknesses of being a mom and wife. It helps me pause and seek God’s plan for me and my family. Looking forward for more blogs from you. God bless!

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