do we help or hinder?

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After our series in church entitled “Blueprint,” I was once again reminded of the biblical design of God for man and woman: he was designed to lead and she was designed to help.

Unfortunately, whether it’s the influence of the media, or because of one’s personal experience, a lot of men have not stepped up to the plate and have taken on a life of passivity. But this blog is not to address men, but all of you women who are reading this, including me.

We are called to be man’s helpmate or helper. Do we help or do we hinder? Often times, we are the first to criticize the men in our lives… our husbands, our fathers, our brothers, our sons, our male friends. We discourage instead of encourage, we put down instead of build up. We don’t trust them enough to make the right decisions and we rob them of opportunities for maturity. They will make mistakes, that’s for sure, and they will fail at times, but mistakes and failure can build their character.

We clearly see that a lot of men have fallen short of God’s calling for them to lead, but could it be possible that we women have failed in our calling to be their helper too?

So my challenge to us is this: Let’s start with the important men in our lives. Let us start appreciating them for their efforts to lead and protect and provide and allow them to make important decisions. Let us do our best to build them up with our words and prayer and help them become who God has called them to be.



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