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It was around four years ago when our daughter, Janina, realized how much she enjoyed performing on stage. Since then, every summer was spent on musical theater workshops and voice lessons. She was serious about developing her talent and building her confidence in front of people. So when Janina auditioned for Sound of Music, I knew it meant the world for her to get the part. We are grateful to God for giving her this opportunity. Hopefully, this is only the start. 🙂

Having said that, it is with great pleasure that I invite you to watch her. Here are her playdates:

  • October 16, Sunday 3pm
  • October 19, Wednesday 8pm
  • October 29, Saturday 3pm
  • October 30, Sunday 3pm
  • November 2, Wednesday 8pm
  • November 5, Saturday 8pm
  • November 9, Wednesday 8pm
  • November 18, Friday 8pm
  • November 19, Saturday 3pm
  • November 23, Wednesday 8pm
  • November 26, Saturday 8pm
  • December 2, Friday 8pm
  • December 3, Saturday 3pm
  • December 8, Thursday 8pm
  • December 10, Saturday 8pm

Tickets are available at Ticket World outlets or call 8919999. Please take note that they offer 20% discount to senior citizens and 10% discount to students. Bring your I.D. when you buy.

Hope you can watch!



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