Two nights ago, Ryan came to our room asking if he could sleep with us. Occasionally, one of our kids will knock on our bedroom door in the middle of the night, pillow and comforter in tow, saying he had a bad dream and just wanted to be with us. It is for this reason that I have a spare mattress in our room. I love it that we are able to give them the comfort they need.

Joaquin, who has been clingly the past days, told me yesterday “Mom, don’t leave me ok? You’re mine, ok?” That just melted my heart.

Last night, after we had a family group hug, Janina asked us “Don’t you just love having 4 kids?!” And I exclaimed, “It’s the best!”

Tonight, Nathan said that he wants a Kindle for his birthday and Janina gladly volunteered to pay for half of it. It gave me joy to see that my kids actually love each other. πŸ™‚

It’s not always easy. In fact, let me be honest and say that it has been a lot of hard work. It’s never perfect. But I can’t imagine my life any other way.
Children are a gift from the LORD; they are a reward from him. Psalm 127:3

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  1. learning to love it every single day…and it’s barely year one, with one on the way! πŸ˜€ love love love being a mom πŸ™‚ and i know gabe loves being a dad… today he was a little late leaving for work, couldn’t put raph down bec was crying with big fat tears and clinging to him because he knows he’s leaving for the day (doesn’t want to be carried by me pag ganun), and i saw gabe’s eyes blink back his own tears :,)

  2. So true. very hard but very rewarding and fulfilling. I was very distant to my family eventhough i lived with them. I never felt like i belonged. months will pass without anyone talking to me at home and weeks pass by w/o anyone seeing me even if we all live under the same roof and everyone goes home everyday. I got pregnant by my boyfriend years ago and left me while i was pregnant. He told me to abort the baby but i didn’t. I still lived with my parents but hid my pregnancy. from time to time, something whispers to me to abort the baby for it will ruin me, my integrity, my parents, no future etc, until I thought of giving my unborn baby to God so i did. everytime abortion pops in my head, i would tell myself “the baby is not yours and it is God’s so you cannot do anything to hurt the baby.” At that time, I also thought of the worst thing that can happen. that my family will disown me and nobody will help. i can’t think of a solution but the best i could think of was living in the streets. I was cornered and I can’t think of anything good that will come out of it. I prayed “God, since this baby is already yours, bahala ka na sa aming dalawa”. when I was about to give birth, I left home to go to the hospital (no pre-natal check-up coz i don’t go out of the house unless i’m with my parents, no money except my little sisters allowance for the week) with a note on the fridge “mago-overnight lan ako sa bestfriend ko” I gave birth in San Juan de Dios Hospital with P150 in my wallet and only 1 pair of outfit for myself. my wardmate called my mom’s analog celfone and ever so gently told her “wag po kayo mabibigla, nasa hospital po si Jenie”. my mom was like “na-aksidente ba siya?”. “hindi, nanganak po” “nanganak? buntis ba siya?”.. and my mom re-confirmed it with my little sister (who knew it 2 weeks before i gave birth) rushed to baclaran to buy baby clothes and paraphernalia then went to the hospital. I said sorry while crying and she was just crying because of what i endured for the past 9months. She said that i should’ve told her so they would’ve taken care of us. I gave birth to a bouncing baby girl and my mom told me to never see her father again and that they will and can take care of us. Other than giving everything we need (and extra for my child), they sent me back to school and finished Nursing. We still live with them and they’ve always paid for my child’s education even when i used to work in a call center. My daughter is now 12yrs old. I didn’t have a boyfriend since her father.
    God is so good. I just asked for a child who is God-loving and He blessed us with so much more! Things that i would never have imagined.. I always tell my child that she is God’s gift to me. Since she came, I’m always home. my mom would talk to me and the first time i heard my mom tell a joke and seen my dad smile. I didn’t only have a child but a home, a family. I had no idea how to be a parent but I would give her things that i would never have thought. God is giving me the wisdom to raise her even when i didn’t ask it. God is so great and I am but in awe of his love for me.
    When I read the part of your article “Children are a gift from the LORD; they are a reward from him.” Psalm 127:3. I was reminded of my experience and i never knew that what i have always been telling my daughter was biblical.
    Now that I am a Christian (since 2008), I am now confident and at peace with God.. That whatever happens in our lives, He will always me with us. I just realized that before when i felt unloved by anyone, God was loving me. When i felt i was alone, He was with me. during the times nobody cares for me, He does. I just didn’t notice. Instead of giving me punishment for my sins to let me know HE is God, He gave me a gift. No one can fathom how great, how loving, how merciful and how gracious God is..
    To God be all the glory, honor and praises..

  3. Heart-warming and very inspiring! As a working mom, it’s so easy to be overtaken by office concerns and lose sight of the more important role as parent, especially since one’s day is spent largely at work. Bedtime – especially extended ones during unhurried weekend mornings – is especially precious since that’s when we’re most relaxed. Snuggling up together and just chatting allows us to be “up-close and personal”. Your blog made me realize a more important thing: Bedtime is also an opportunity to provide my kids the comfort and security that only parents can give. Thanks for sharing about your special moments, Jen!

    1. I agree with what you said “Bedtime is also an opportunity to provide my kids the comfort and security that only parents can give” πŸ™‚

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