2012. I wish I had a better start. After our 2011 year-end trip, most of us got sick. I was tired of being woken up at night by coughing kids and giving medicine round the clock. Added to that was the huge task of cleaning up the house of the left-over mess from the holidays. I was tired and grumpy (and hungry from our one week fast.) I didn’t realize the extent of my  temper until Joaquin told me the other day “Mom, can you not shout again? Please have a nice attitude.” My 3-year old couldn’t have said it better.

Haay… I am reminded once again of my inadequacy and incompetence. I really cannot do this parenting thing on my own. I need divine help. I need God’s grace. I desperately need His help.

A mental preview of 2012 is enough to make me feel excited and exhausted at the same time. I am anticipating a busy year as Nathan prepares to take his college entrance exams, while Janina prepares for highschool and pursues her new-found “career” in theater, and as I homeschool the kids and manage all their extra-curricular activities on top of our speaking engagements and ministry.  No complaints here. I love being fruitful. I just know that I cannot do this on my own.

As we go through another year, I acknowledge my complete dependence on God. I cannot even come close to being a good wife and mother without God’s help. I cannot be an effective speaker without God’s anointing. I cannot mentor and coach other women without His wisdom. I am nothing and cannot be anything without God.

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  1. i cannot imagine just yet, as i only have 1/4 of what’s on your daily plate! (and a wee one on the way) have a loooong way to go, and now palang i know that i cannot do it without His grace! thank you for the reminder! 🙂

  2. Wow. God can use even as young as 3y/o boy to check our attitude sometimes. You’re doing a fantastic job trying to balance your family & ministry.

  3. Love this blog post Ate Jenn. We all have our moments. But thank God that He showers us with so much grace and forgiveness. Thanks for being an inspiration to many of us. Love you!

  4. Napapagod din pala ang superwoman! Just kidding 🙂

    By keeping things real and by being honest about your feeling of inadequacy, I am comforted and reminded that there is a big God whom we can draw strength from to accomplish all the overwhelming tasks ahead of us.

    Thanks for sharing your personal stories to inspire us 🙂

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