All moms would agree with me that motherhood is a serious business. But there are days when mothers should just set aside their tough and resolute front and be crazy for the sake of fun! If you ask my kids, I think they will tell you that they have the weirdest mom ever, but hey, if weird means fun, then I’m okay with that. I don’t want to be boring. I want my kids to have lots of fun memories with me. That’s what made me decide to learn how to dougie with them.

Now, if you clicked on the link, you’re probably wondering if I got the dougie. Well, that’s not the point 🙂 The point is, we need to stay relevant to our kids, learn to connect with them and simply just have fun with them. And boy, did we have lots of laughs as we danced together. We kept laughing at ourselves until we were out of breath.

A friend just recently told me that her kids preferred to be with their dad more than with her. I asked her why she thought they did, and she said it’s probably because all she did with them was to make sure they obeyed the rules. “Do this, do that, don’t do this, don’t do that…” Those words basically summed up her everyday encounter with her kids. Moms, as much as rules are important, there should be a good balance between rules and relationship. One way to develop that relationship is to do things with your kids that they consider fun. Find out what they are into and join them!

At times,  I’ve had to force myself to learn certain games just so I can enjoy them with my kids. And I would usually find myself having more fun than I expected! So go ahead, even if you look funny, do the dougie!

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  1. A friend of mine posted in her status about her 5-year old son (1 of my son’s bestfriends) asking her to teach him how to do the dougie…that really got me thinking….

    I think we all start with that goal…to be the fun mom, too, but sometimes, we lose track, don’t we? I know I do at times. Great blog, mommy Jenn!

  2. Leadership books will teach that the more “connected” you are to the people that you lead, the more influence you have with them.

    So the more connecting points you have with kids, the stronger your influence.

    Disciple actually becomes easier when you have fun with your kids. Ang alam ko lang na Dougie, yung Howser M.D. =) 80s yeah!

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