me, a supermom?

Every now and then, I’d hear people call me a “supermom.” It’s flattering and humbling, but it makes me want to laugh out loud.  If they only knew…

When my firstborn, Nathan, was born, I thought I had it all put together. I read different books and attended parenting seminars. I had my own checklist, making sure everything I bought was the best for my new baby. I journalled all the “firsts”, I scrapbooked all the milestones, never missed a doctor’s check-up, took him out for afternoon walks, and read books at bedtime.

Fast forward 16 years and 3 more kids later, the house is a mess, it’s after lunch and my 3-yr Joaquin hasn’t taken a shower, Ryan is late for his basketball class, and I can’t even explain “Ibong Adarna” to my 7th grader Janina. I admit that I haven’t taken the kids for their dental prophylaxis in the last 6 months, and I’m not even sure if Joaquin’s vaccines are updated. I don’t prepare elaborate dishes for my family, there are days we just order pizza for dinner. I don’t knit or sew. We get a “notice of disconnection” from Manila Water every now and then, because of late payment. And so on and so forth. You get the picture.

I am not a supermom, if you expect a supermom to be perfect.

I am not a supermom, I am simply a mom, who wants to enjoy motherhood, without the pressure of perfectionism.  Life will pass me by before I know it, my children will grow up, and I am sure I would want to retrieve their childhood years, so I just try to cherish every moment with them. I don’t want to be too tired and burdened trying to make everything perfect that I am no fun with the kids anymore. I am simply a mom who wants to be there for my children.

There are days when I wish I could cook better, or organize better, or paint better, and I’m sure my husband and kids wish that too, and admittedly, there are days when I envy moms who do, but everyday I just rely on God’s grace to bless the work of my hands, however inadequate that is, and allow me to be the mother my children need.

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8 comments to me, a supermom?

  • Gepay Bautista  says:

    Love this Jenn. It’s so true :)! Always inspired and refreshed with your posts! Thank you!

  • may de jesus-palacpac  says:

    sooooo comforting to read this. yep, the legend of the supermom is quite a myth…;) it’s high time the real-life supermoms rise up and tell the truth behind it all — and you spelled it out quite eloquently, too.:) bravo!

  • Karen Chua  says:

    I too enjoy reading your posts Ate Jen ü Its not only a good read but your insights on being a mom are helpful tips na din ü.

  • Phoebe Sebastian  says:

    Ate Jenn,

    This is so inspiring even if I don’t have kids yet, parang I can feel you… the joy inspite and despite of.. being a mom and wife is such a calling… :)

  • niña cabardo  says:

    Wow this hit really, really close to home. I guess as a woman, homemaking is something we take seriously and nakaka pressure to make everything perfect. But your reminders are exactly what I needed to hear. What good is a supermom if she’s not enjoying being a mom at all? Thank you for this post :)

  • Gemmalyn D. Navarro  says:

    Hi jenn, this is perfect I love reading this and I can’t help but smile. Super relate!many thanks for sharing this. Indeed you are a super mom :))

  • Jean Javier  says:

    Bravo ate Jenn!! Made me cry <3

  • Chol  says:

    What a Great post! I think supermoms are super because they do all things thru Christ. That knowledge alone relieves me of pressure of trying to be the perfect mom all the time.

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