preparing your son and daughter

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A few years ago, my husband, Paolo, went through the book “Preparing your Son for Every Man’s Battle” by Stephen Arterburn with our then 13-year old Nathan. Nathan says that the book was helpful because it answered a lot of questions he had as he was going through puberty.

Now, it is my turn to read “Preparing your Daughter for Every Woman’s Battle” by Shanon Ethridge with our 13-year old Janina.

“Recognizing how awkward it can be to confront the topic of sex, author Shannon Ethridge guides you and your daughter through enjoyable yet memorable discussions about sexuality, purity, and dating–leading to a deeper understanding of and appreciation for God’s standards. Preparing Your Daughter for Every Woman’s Battle provides creative tools that will give you the courage and confidence to talk openly and honestly with your daughter–and instill values that will lead her to a lifetime of sexual and emotional integrity.”

I am looking forward to read this book with my daughter and start conversations about sensitive issues in her life that she, or even I, might feel awkward talking about. Where else will she turn to for answers? I would rather that she gets the answers from me than from her friends or the internet.



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