putting your kids on hold

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It was still morning when Joaquin first asked me to play a game on the iPad with him. He’s been asking me practically the whole day but I was too caught up in my own to-do-list. It wasn’t until it was already dark when he asked me again for the nth time that I realized I haven’t even given in to his request.

I’ve seen this scene so many times in movies when the actor is talking to someone on the phone, then another call comes in, and he puts the first caller on hold, and by the time he remembers to get back to him, that person hung up and there is nothing but a dial tone.

This is sobering. I don’t want to wake up one day and long to spend time with my kids only to find out that they have hung up on me.

If there are things we can put on hold, it shouldn’t be our kids. I know that moms can get caught up in the mundane, in the tiresome, day-to-day chores that never seem to end and the eternally insignificant activities like facebooking. The chores will always be there, but not our kids.

If God gave me four children at this season, then it must be my season to invest the best of my time with them.

It takes a lot of discipline and conscious effort to set aside my tasks, my celphone, or my laptop. But I have to do whatever it takes. Lest I hear a dial tone.



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