show some respect

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I see a display of disrespect everywhere: from a toddler kicking his yaya, to a teenager shouting at her parents, and even to a man assaulting an MMDA officer.

The Bible says in 1 Peter 2:17 to “Show proper respect to everyone: Love the brotherhood of believers, fear God, honor the king.”

Every person is worthy of our respect, whether he is rich or poor, young or old, because God tells us to respect everyone.

It is up to us parents to raise our children to be respectful of others. When they shout at your household helpers, or bang the door, or walk out when you are still talking, or roll their eyes at you, or raise their voice at you, what do you do? These are all disrespectful behavior and when we just stand by and let them do it, we are actually training them to be disrespectful. Tolerating them conveys that it is okay.

When your child exhibits a disrespectful behavior, address it immediately. Talk to him and show him what the Word of God says about respecting others. Make it clear to him that such behavior is unacceptable and that he will get a consequence everytime he shows disrespect.

And more importantly, we need to model to our children what it means to respect others. When we ourselves are shouting at our helpers or pointing our fingers at the traffic enforcer, our kids will mostly copy what they see us do rather than what we tell them to do.




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