constant supervision

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It would have been a more pleasant time with my family at Starbucks had I not been constantly distracted by three children who were running around the place, going up and down the metal staircase and were talking so loudly as if they were the only ones there.

I looked around the place to check where the parents were and saw that they were busy talking with several adults at their table. I understood that maybe they were enjoying this time of catching up with their friends but I wished that they just didn’t let their children make a playground out of Starbucks. Running and shouting are normal for young children but a coffee shop was not the right place for it.

I don’t mean to sound judgmental because I, too,  have found myself  in a similar situation many times in the past, and I still do up to this day since I still have two very active young boys. These are the times when I wish my kids would just sit still and behave so I can enjoy my time with my friends in peace. But too often, I’ve had to excuse myself from the conversation and address my kids to remind them how to behave appropriately especially in public places like a restaurant or church. I also want them to learn to be sensitive to the other people around them who might not appreciate the running and shouting.

Reality is, our children need constant supervision. Proverbs 31: 27 says “she watches over the affairs of her household.” Watching over the affairs of our household means we need to know what our children are doing wherever they are at anytime of day. It doesn’t mean constantly hovering over them, but it means we are aware of their behavior and activities. We need to make sure that they are always within the boundaries that we have set for them.

There will be times it will be such an inconvenience but while our kids are young, let us be quick to address their inappropriate behavior. If we tolerate it, they will think it’s acceptable.



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