Christmas without Christ

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I have a confession to make. My four-year old son Joaquin is confused about Christmas. He was out with me grocery shopping and was excitedly admiring all the Christmas decors that adorned the supermarket when he exclaimed “Santa is the king of Christmas!” I was shocked at his statement. I felt like my child blurted out some kind of heresy ! (Okay, okay, I’m over-reacting, I know. He is, in fact, only 4.) Of course I couldn’t just let that kind of statement slip, so I corrected him on the spot and said that it’s not Santa, but JESUS.

This incident reminded me of one important reality… that it is easy for our children to miss out on the real PERSON behind Christmas. Everywhere you go, the Christmas spirit is in the air, decorations of Santa and reindeers and evergreens are all over, but nowhere will you find Jesus. Only very occasionally do we see the nativity scene on display when it is really the birth of Jesus that we celebrate. Without Jesus, there is no Christmas. Without Christmas, there is no salvation for mankind.

There are only 48 days to go ’til Christmas. Before the season gets really busy, before I bring out the decors and shop for presents, I need to spend time reminding and explaining to my children, especially the younger ones, what Christmas is all about.

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