kids just wanna have fun

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I was really looking forward to attending the seminar of Ms. Darlene Sala, a pastor’s wife, author and international conference speaker, along with other pastor’s wives. I knew that she would have so much wisdom to share about marriage,  family and ministry.

Over lunch, I asked her what one advice she could give us about raising children. And this was what she said: “If I had the chance to do things over, I would play with my children more.”

The simplicity of her answer caught me by surprise. But I think I get what she was talking about.

Though we know that parenting is not all about fun, I think all moms can agree that we can be so uptight sometimes. We get so stressed over our to-do list and ignore our kids who just want to enjoy a few minutes with us. Sometimes keeping the house neat and tidy is more important than allowing our kids room to play around and have fun. Other times, it’s keeping ourselves neat and tidy that gets in the way. We don’t want to wrinkle our clothes or mess up our hair when all our child wants is some playtime on the bed or floor. We just tend to take life too seriously.

If you ask my daughter Janina about one of her most memorable trips, she would say it was when we brought her to Hong Kong when she was 4 years old. Ask her why, and she would talk about the “Captain Hook” game she played with her dad in the hotel room. Dad was Captain Hook and she was Jane and Captain Hook put her in a sack (blanket) and carried her around the room. It wasn’t the theme parks, nor the shopping, but it was playtime with dad that stuck with her.

Two words I want to remind us today: Relax and play. When was the last time you laughed with your kids? There are tons of things we can do with them: play dress-up, make up songs, hide and seek, shower in the rain, play pranks, blow bubbles, role play, water balloon fight, pillow fight, dance together. There are no limits to your imagination. Don’t worry if you look silly. Just have fun with your kids.