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16037631-female-carpenter-giving-the-thumbs-upI have built many different sort of things for my kids… Lego houses, popsicle towers, sand castles, paper airplanes, play dough animals and the list goes on.

But there is a kind of building that I do that is intangible…it cannot be touched, it cannot be seen, but it’s still as real… In fact, I won’t even be able to see what I’m building right away.  I am building what’s inside my children… their faith and their character.

Proverbs says that “A wise woman builds her home…”

I can spend a lot of time building a business or a career, or my blog, or a name for myself. But I cannot neglect building my home, building my children.

What am I building in my children? Their education? Their musical talents or athletic ability? Their bank account? Of course all these things are important and I won’t deny that my husband and I spend a lot of time and money building these things in our kids. But at the end of our lives, what do we really want to see in our children?

I want to be a wise builder. I can get too preoccupied on the temporal and forget to build on what is eternal. With the limited time and resources I have, I need to constantly ask myself: What do I want to build in my children?

Jesus tells us what the two greatest commandments are: Love the Lord your God and love your neighbor. These are what I want to essentially build in my children: a love for God and a love for others.

If my son ends up competing in the Olympics and brings home the gold, but does not love God above all else, or if my daughter lands a role in Broadway but does not love others, I would have failed at building. To the world, this would sound like a success, yes, but, not to God. And not to me too. Because I have decided to live by God’s standards, not the world’s. My building code is God’s word.

What about you? What are you building?




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