reminding myself why we homeschool

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Summer is over and a new schoolyear is about to start. For most moms, they are breathing a sigh of relief. For them, the end of summer means they have their lives back and have more time for themselves as the kids will be in school most of the day. But as for me, and other homeschooling moms, I breath a sigh of panic and apprehension. Panic because I still have yet to complete our books and the lesson plans we will be using for the next ten months. Apprehension because once again, I face the fact that the education of our kids is in my hands and if I foul up, I wonder how they will turn out.

homeschool momI think now is a good time to remind myself why we homeschool, why I choose to be their teacher than send them off to school, and why all the sacrifice is worth it. I love this article by Christian Homekeeping which clearly articulates some of the reasons why we chose to homeschool. While I don’t want to claim that homeschooling is the best and only way to educate our children, it is for these reasons we chose that route for our children in this season of our lives.

If you are a homeschooling mom, or considering to be one, or are just curious about it,  you may want to read on and check out this blog. Have a great day!



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