the importance of a coach

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We all know that behind the most successful athlete is a great coach. Coaches are valuable in many fields… there are acting coaches, voice coaches, career coaches. If I want to succeed in the roles God has given me, I need to get myself a coach too.

By “coach” in this context, I don’t mean a professional coach. I am talking about having someone in your life who can walk with you through your ups and downs, who can help you process the situations you go through from a godly perspective, who can give you constructive feedback and can show you how to become better at something. I am thankful for the couples who have coached me in marriage and parenting. I used to think that I had what it takes to keep my marriage strong and raise my children properly… until I got married and ┬áhad kids. Then reality set in. As marital conflicts arose, and the kids asserted themselves, I realized I knew nothing about marriage and parenting. If not for the couples who took time to mentor my husband and me, counsel us and coach us, my family would have fallen apart years ago.

With two of the couples who have coached us over the years

From our coaches, my husband and I learned how to treat each other properly, how to resolve conflicts without killing each other, how to have fun together, how to discipline our children, how to love them unconditionally, and so much more, but most importantly, how to honor God in our family. We are so thankful for these couples God has put in our lives! Up to this day, we look to them for wisdom and guidance.

I encourage all of you… find a coach. Find at least one couple you look up to, who has wisdom and experience, who exemplify biblical principles in their family. There is always something to learn, something to do better.