there is life in winter

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Do you ever dream of winter? Living in a tropical country, I think most of us at one time or another, have wished for a snowfall, and have imagined how it would be to make a snowman and throw snowballs.

When we lived in Russia during the early part of our marriage, I realized one thing… winter is really not a lot of fun. For the first few days it felt enchanting, yes, but after that, it became really, really cold and gloomy. The sun would only show up for a few hours each day, if it did show up, and all those winter clothing I imagined wearing became heavier and heavier by the minute. And then you start longing for spring.

When we visited our friends, Joel and Jennie Magpantay, in Michigan a few weeks ago, this twig in their living room caught my attention:


Our friends explained that they got this branch from a tree in their front yard last winter, which was months ago. When they got it, it looked like a dead twig… seemingly lifeless, without any bud or flower.

twigWhat surprised them was when spring came, this dead branch started to grow tiny buds, until it came to full bloom.


The story of this twig was just so encouraging to me! Mothers, we grow through seasons when we feel so unfruitful. All we do is change diapers, clean the house, cook meals, and drive the kids everywhere. And we find ourselves doing exactly the same things the day after. The stuff we teach our children doesn’t seem to have any effect of them, and as they used to say, we sound like a “broken record.” There’s a pile of books on our side table that we haven’t even touched because once we attempt to read, one of the children barges in our room asking for our help. We desire to do more in life but we are stuck at home to attend to the needs of our family.

Well, let me tell you… this is just a season. And it is God who sets the seasons in our lives. Every season has a purpose. Winter is not a dead season. There is life within… a time where a lot of internal growth is happening. We don’t see much, but God is at work in our hearts, preparing us for what is about to come. When spring comes, He will allow us to see the fruit of all that took place during winter.

When you are getting impatient in this season of your life, remember this twig and wait in excitement… When the time is ripe, the fruit will come!

 Ecclesiastes 3:1 To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven. (KJV)



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