Waiting for the Fruit

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photoI wonder if you can guess the plant on the photo. Part of my morning regimen is to drink a cup of lemon water. Since I squeeze a lot of lemons in a week and throw out so much seeds, I tried planting some to see if they would grow in our warm Manila climate. I’m nowhere near being a gardener. I’ve had a few attempts at planting in the past that were unsuccessful. But with my lemon seeds, I took the time to water them and to make sure they were getting enough sunlight… just the basic stuff. That’s as far as I know about planting. Well, a few months after, here they are… and still growing. I’m still not sure though whether they will bear fruit or not. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

It doesn’t take much to make one understand that in order to grow something, you need to work at it. You need to invest a lot of time, energy and resources into what you are growing. This principle works not only in the garden, but in raising our children as well.

I believe I’ve sown a lot in my children’s lives, and continue to do so every single day. Hopefully, they are mostly good seeds. Some of those seeds sown have born fruit. But there’s still a lot more that’s in the process of growing. I guess that’s where I struggle sometimes. The waiting part.

When your child does something wrong, you wonder… Have I done enough? Did I plant the right stuff? Or might I have sown something bad that led to this kind of behavior? Sometimes, ( or maybe oftentimes is the word) I find myself addressing the same issues in my children, day in day out. Doesn’t anything stick? Don’t they get it? I have to confess, I do get upset when I don’t see the change right away.

As I prayed for my children today, God reminded me that all seeds grow but fruit doesn’t come overnight. I plant, I water, and I have to wait until God blesses my seed and causes it to grow. And the fruit will be good.

My prayer is God will give me the right attitude as I wait.