Why the Boundaries?

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An unfortunate thing happened today.

The pet birds of Janina and Ryan were perched on their stand when our house cat suddenly entered the house. As soon as Janina noticed the cat, she quickly got up to put the birds inside their cage. Unfortunately, one of the birds resisted and jumped off from her hand onto the floor, and you can guess what happened next. It’s too gory to describe here.
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If you follow my blog, you should know by now that I would never let a teachable moment pass me by. And in my books, this is one blockbuster teachable moment. I took the time to process with the kids what just took place.

Obviously, Janina wanted to protect the birds from the cat that’s why she attempted to move them from the open space to the cramp cage. Yes, the cage doesn’t allow that much freedom for the birds but it would have kept them safe. As parents we impose rules and boundaries upon our kids. We do that not to keep them from enjoying life, but it’s actually the other way around. We want a safe environment for them where they can be free to enjoy life.

The thing is, we get uneasy with boundaries. We don’t like restraint or limitations. Sadly, our nature is to break the rules and step outside the boundaries. And when we do, we end up getting hurt.

Hopefully after today, Janina and Ryan will have a greater appreciation for the boundaries we try to establish around them. Instead of resenting the boundaries, we have to be thankful for them. I am pretty sure the other bird was glad to be inside the cage. Otherwise, it would have suffered the same fate.

“Deuteronomy 6:3 …you should listen and be careful to do His commandments, that it may be well with you”



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