No Flowers on Valentine’s Day

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My husband normally prepares something special for me during Valentine’s. I have received a lot of big and little surprises from him over the last twenty years that I’ve known him. But not this year. He was swamped with work all week and had no time to go to the mall and get me something.

Did I mind it? Some of you might make a big fuss about it. But honestly, I don’t. And let me tell you why.

80473f06c247dc5ee473f6cef0251be9He doesn’t wait for a special occasion to show me how he feels for me. Everyday, I see his love in action. When I see him reading the Bible every morning and praying, I know it’s because he wants to be a better person, a better husband to me and a better father to our children. When he leaves for work and spends a long day in the office, it’s because he wants to provide for us and prepare for our future. When he texts me sweet messages during the day from work, I know it’s because he is thinking of me and misses me. When he rushes home from work and gets upset over the traffic, and insists on delaying dinner time, it’s because he values time with us. When he chooses to stay up and tells me all about his day even when he is exhausted, it’s because he wants me to be part of his life. When he chooses to get a foot spa with me instead of eating out, he shows me that he puts my wants before his. When he gets up early to bring the kids to school, it’s because he cares enough to give me an extra hour of sleep. When he says sorry, I know that our relationship is more important to him than his pride. I could go on and on. Everyday, I see his selfless acts of love.

Sure Valentine’s is nice, but I hope you know that it takes more than a bouquet of flowers and chocolates to express your love to that special person. Love tanks have to be filled daily… with consistent display of affection, communication, commitment and sacrifice.



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