Bad News, Good News

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I really don’t like to be a messenger of bad news. But today, I confronted our five-year old Joaquin with one. After I told him the bad news, he was near tears, nervous and confused. But thankfully, I had good news to share too. And when our conversation ended, there was rejoicing around our dining table.

Joaquin prayingThe bad news? That because of his sin, Joaquin is destined to die and go to hell and live a life of eternity away from God. But the good news is God sent His son Jesus to die in his place so that he can be with God forever. After we explained this to Joaquin in the simplest way possible, he ended up asking Jesus in His heart to save him from his sin. And I ended up in tears because of the joy of seeing him give his life to Jesus.

Yes parents, our children are sinners. No matter how cute, adorable, smart and behaved they are, they are lost in their sin. Our most important job as parents is to make them realize that they cannot save themselves and that they need a Savior. From the moment they are born, we should start planting seeds of the gospel in their hearts. It will definitely take time and patience until one day, God opens their minds and hearts to understand the gospel better, and finally they give their lives to Him.

A few months ago after reading a Bible story to Joaquin, I thought it would be the perfect time to share the gospel. I asked him, “Joaquin, do you know what you have to do to go to heaven?” And he answered, “Yes! I have to DIE!” Obviously, it wasn’t time yet. Then a few months after that, after watching the movie “Narnia,” we talked about what Aslan did for Edmund and the concept of sacrifice. I knew he was a step closer to understanding what Jesus did for him. And today, there was rejoicing in heaven because he repented from his sin and accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior. My prayer is he will continue to grow in his knowledge of the gospel… that everyday, whatever he goes through, Jesus is His Savior.

Dads and moms, before we preach the gospel to others, we need to preach it to our children first. And I hope and pray that God will give you all the wonderful privilege of leading your children to Christ.


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