Now, A Camerawoman

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It’s been often said that a mother wears different hats… cook, nurse, driver, referee, lego builder, teacher, stylist, interior decorator, tailor, travel agent… the list can go on and on. Any mom would gladly fill these roles for the love of their children.

camerawomanOne role I never expected to add to my job description is a camerawoman. Recently, my 16-year old daughter, Janina, started her own Youtube channel. And that means filming a new video once or twice a week. She has shown a lot of creativity since she was a little girl, and we thought that it would be nice to give her an outlet onto which she can channel all her artistic energy.

And so by default, I am her camerawoman. In the last few months, my amateur skills were put to the test… learning to handle the camera one step at a time, with my little knowledge in angles, lights and sounds.

But hey, this is my daughter, and I will always go to great lengths to help her in her endeavours. Which brings me to the whole point of this blog.

Parents need to be the greatest supporters of their children. If your child is passionate about something, whether or not you feel it will lead to something big, you need to encourage him by helping in any way you can. It can be your 6-year old building a paper airplane, or your 12-year old learning the rubiks cube, or your 19-year old putting up an event, you have to show support in whatever form it takes. Maybe you need to drive for them, or do some research, or get them the materials they need. Whatever it is, go all out for your children. They need to know that you are behind them, wanting them to succeed in whatever they try. And if they don’t succeed, the most important thing is they know that you believed in them and were there with them and for them every step of the way. Knowing you are behind them will give them the confidence they need to keep trying.

So for now, I’m a camerawoman. Tomorrow, I’m not sure… but I am willing to take on any role I need to for my children, as long as there is no dancing required. 🙂