A Healthier Lifestyle

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No, we are not turning vegetarians. That is just not realistic for us. But my husband and I do want to be healthier and I want to share the things that we have been doing with our family. We didn’t make any drastic changes, or else, the kids will start a revolution hehe.. We’ve had to choose what was doable for everyone. There are things that we still cannot completely eliminate like fried chicken and the occasional McDonalds. We are far from being experts and we know that we still have so much to learn, but we are happy with the little changes we’ve been able to make as a family.

1. Getting enough sleep. At least 8 hours a day. We turn off our wifi at home at 10pm to make sure that the kids don’t get tempted to stay up for social media surfing.

2. Cutting down on the sugar. Our kids love sweets. And I would always indulge them. But now we have made a once a week rule on candies, soda, and the like. Our oldest son loved those sugar-filled cereals. And I always had our pantry stocked with different kinds. I loved seeing those colourful boxes lined up. Thankfully, he is old enough to understand why we had to transition to whole grain rolled oats.

3. Lessening the processed food. I don’t know what it is in them, but my kids love those tender, juicy hotdogs. It used to be in my weekly grocery list but I think it’s been more than three years that I stopped buying them. Same with bacon and canned goods like corned beef. Chips would also occupy half of my grocery cart but we have learned to make our own potato chips at home.

4. Shifting to brown rice. It took a year for our kids to adjust to plain brown rice. I slowly transitioned them to it by mixing white rice and brown rice for months. Now they have finally developed a liking for brown rice.

5. Making fruit smoothies. Someone gave us a Magic Bullet Blender a few months ago, and it sat on our shelf untouched for quite a while. Until one day, we decided to put it to good use. And our kids love their smoothies! A regular blender will work just as well.

6. Encouraging them to move. I’m so happy that our kids are naturally very active. They run, bike, skate, hike, dance. They go to basketball and taekwondo classes. Other things we can do to get moving is to use the stairs instead of escalators or elevators. Or parking as far as you can from the building so it forces you to walk. Taking the groceries from the car to the kitchen gives you a good workout.

There are weeks when we do really well, and weeks when we fail miserably. If all else fails, eat in moderation, instead of binging. Get a small slice of that chocolate cake or a piece of that cookie if the craving persists, then try your best to go back to the changes you’ve started. And hopefully, everyone will be healthier and happier.