Beautiful Purple Trees

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Two weeks ago, my husband and I were privileged to be able to attend the Every Nation World Conference in Capetown, South Africa. I didn’t realize how beautiful this city was until we got on the tour bus and spent a day driving along the coast of Capetown. I could say that it was one of the breathtaking drives we’ve done!

From Capetown, we flew to Johannesburg, where Paolo was scheduled to preach at one of our Every Nation churches there. Our hosts were kind enough to take us to the game reserve to get the real African Safari experience. And what an experience indeed it was!

paseo-de-jacarandas-en-johanesburgo-730x547As we drove to the reserve, there was something that caught my eye. Many streets were lined with these huge trees with purple blossoms. I have never seen these trees before and they were quite a pretty sight! I as asked our hosts about these trees, I learned that they are called Jacaranda trees. They are not native to South Africa but were imported from Central America. And as beautiful as these trees are, there is now a law in South Africa that prohibits people from planting new ones because these trees have an invasive root system and need a lot of water, preventing anything else from growing around them.

This makes me reflect about my own life. Everyday we decide to plant different things in our hearts… faith or fear, love or hate, forgiveness or unforgiveness, pride or humility, the word of God or the ways of the world. Whatever we decide to water and cultivate in our hearts will eventually be so invasive that it will kill everything else around it. If we choose fear, hate, unforgiveness, pride, worldly ways… these things will suck the life out of us.. it will kill our relationship with God and with others. On the other hand, if we nurture faith, love, forgiveness, humility and the word of God, these things will eventually permeate and invade every area of our lives, changing us from the inside out into a more beautiful person.

What are you allowing to grow in your heart?