Let Him Do His Job

It was many years ago when Ryan, our 3rd child, requested to celebrate his 10th birthday ice skating with his friends. At that time, our youngest, Joaquin was only three years old but he was so insistent to join his siblings on the ice skating rink.

Being the protective mom that I was, I wasn’t ready to allow him to do it yet. I could think of 101 ways how he could get hurt on the ice. My husband, Paolo, offered to skate with him but I wasn’t sure about the idea.  But Joaquin was so persistent, not wanting to miss out on the fun with his siblings. So I let him.

As they headed inside, I called Paolo on his cellphone to give him reminders and he told me “Jenn, it’s ok. I have done this with our 3 other kids before” and hung up. He was right.

In the first thirty minutes or so, Joaquin just clung on to Paolo’s legs and just allowed himself to drag wherever his dad went. But I also saw how, with Paolo’s prodding, he gradually gained confidence to let go and take a few strides all on his own. I wish I could describe the happiness on Joaquin’s face!

This brought back pictures in my mind of Paolo doing exactly the same thing with each of our three older kids several years back and he did know what to do.

Often times I am overcome by worry, afraid to relinquish control to my husband. I fear that he will not be able to do as good a job as I expect him to. But time and time again, I have been proven wrong.

If there is one thing I have realized over the years it’s that my husband is good at so many things I am not good at. But I need to step out of the way and let him do his job.

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