What My Firstborn Has Taught Me

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  Dear Nathan, I can still vividly remember that one last push at the end of my 21-hour labor. Never had I been happy to hear a baby’s cry. And I cried along with you. When our lamaze coach told us that the pain would be worth it, I could now totally understand why. Holding you for the first time gave me so much joy that made me forget the labor pains. Today you are turning 20, and I am getting all sentimental. Without realizing it, you have taught me so much. Here are some of them: You have taught me to enjoy the most mundane of things. The way you love to watch the sunrise or marvel at the orange moon, or when you told me last week as we were biking in Taipei, “Mom, don’t keep asking us to pose for pictures, ok? Let us enjoy this experience”… […]

A Healthier Lifestyle

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No, we are not turning vegetarians. That is just not realistic for us. But my husband and I do want to be healthier and I want to share the things that we have been doing with our family. We didn’t make any drastic changes, or else, the kids will start a revolution hehe.. We’ve had to choose what was doable for everyone. There are things that we still cannot completely eliminate like fried chicken and the occasional McDonalds. We are far from being experts and we know that we still have so much to learn, but we are happy with the little changes we’ve been able to make as a family. 1. Getting enough sleep. At least 8 hours a day. We turn off our wifi at home at 10pm to make sure that the kids don’t get tempted to stay up for social media surfing. 2. Cutting down on […]