What Makes You A Great Dad?

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(A blog for the father of my children, Paolo) It is Father’s Day weekend and in a couple of days all social media will be flooded with countless greetings and appreciation for dads around the world. And rightly so, since fathers play such an important role in the life of every kid. When we had our firstborn, Nathan, I knew for a fact that you were clueless about how to be a good dad. The main reason being was your lack of a role model. Since you were raised in a single parent home, you had no idea what it meant to be a father. But that didn’t stop you. You searched for role models, you read books, you attended parenting seminars. You asked other dads about what you could do better. I’ve always told you how great a father you are. I’ve seen your love and sacrifice. I remember […]

How Are You Building?

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The renovations we thought would take just three months have now extended to seven, and we are not even done yet. Also the budget that we originally set had to be adjusted so many times to accommodate the things that we wanted. I think we would have done things differently if we were renovating a rented place.. we wouldn’t have spent so much time and money on it. But this is our very own… not a mansion, but still, it’s something we can call our own. Whenever we are tempted to take shortcuts or to choose something cheaper but of less quality to lower costs, we stop for a moment and think “What kind of house do we want? Will this house still stand after 25 years? Will it be good enough to pass on to our children? ” I don’t want to make choices now that I will only […]