Joaquin brushingWe all know how regular brushing is important to dental health. If only every toddler would understand this, it will not be so challenging to brush their teeth. Some toddlers insist that they brush on their own, which is not nearly enough to clean their teeth, or others just simply clench their mouth close. Children have the purest of smiles but it’s unfortunate that some of those smiles show teeth that have been destroyed by cavities.

Basically, if you have tried every game or gimmick you have read and heard of, and your toddler wont let you brush his teeth, you must hold him down and brush them regardless of protest. Brushing is not an option. It’s a must. But then again, if there is a better way, with less struggles, it’s gonna be easier for both of you.

Here are a few things that have helped me with my toddler Joaquin to make toothbrushing a not so difficult feat:

1. I put a lot of bath toys in the shower so while he is distracted playing, I brush away.
2. Every now and then, we would go shopping for cute toothbrushes. Recently, after our trip to Disneyland, he chose a Mickey Mouse toothbrush for himself.
3. When he is not being cooperative, I tell him “Let’s call Dora!” Then both of us shout a long “Doraaaaaa!” and while his mouth is open, I brush his molars. After that, I say “Time to call Barney!” and while he makes the “eee” sound, I brush his front teeth.

If you wanna share what you do with you toddler, I’d love to hear about them 🙂


PhotobucketIt was quite a long wait at the orthopedia’s clinic. Janina was scheduled for a follow-up check-up after her cast was taken out to determine if she still needed rehab or not. Fortunately, Janina brought her art kit and that kept her and Ryan busy. They were drawing, coloring and cutting, they didn’t even complain about the wait (and normally they would.) Even the adults around them were surprised to see them just quietly working in the corner.


I wish I could take credit for this ingenious idea but it was actually Janina who put this art kit together for school. She saw her Tita Mae’s (Perez) Tote-Ally which sells for $25 and thought of using a local bag organizer we bought at SM for just P120.00. She got her markers, crayons, pencils, scissors and what have you’s and stuffed them in the organizer and she has her own on-the-go art kit which she totes around with her.


As a mom of 4 and a pastor’s wife, trying to meet everyone’s needs and meeting with different people leave me very little time to work out. But I do feel my age taking its toll on my body so I try to exercise somehow, even just at home. For my husband’s birthday this year, I got him an elliptical trainer which I actually ended up using, because he prefers to work out at the gym. My personal best on it so far is going 5 km in 18 minutes. You might laugh at it but yeah that is such an effort for me already.

Image and video hosting by TinyPicLately though, my regular workout has been disrupted by expected and unexpected events like the death of a friend, hosting a South African family for a week, the flu going around the household and the like. It’s been challenging to go back to a regular workout routine. What I’ve found helpful though was One day I just thought of looking for aerobic dance videos, just to help me jumpstart,  and found some that I really enjoyed doing. You get to have your pick: from hiphop, to latin, belly-dancing, even gospel dance aerobics. Most of them are for beginners and are therefore very easy to follow. Even my toddler Joaquin enjoys exercising with me. Try it!


Image and video hosting by TinyPicIf you’re a mom, I’m sure you attend a lot of birthday parties. If you attend a lot of birthday parties, and your kids love to join the games, you end up with this big pile of prizes on the table. This happens to me often, and my dilemna is always how to carry all of those prizes to the car.

I got this idea from my good friend and ever beautiful Marie Bonifacio at a birthday party yesterday. When it was time to pack up, Marie put all the birthday celebrant’s gifts in a big pillowcase. A pillowcase can easily be tucked in your bag but is bigger than a regular plastic bag and is strong enough to hold a lot of stuff. What a clever idea!


I am starting a new category to share great ideas for moms, things that i’ve tried and worked, things i’ve learned through my own experience, or through other mom friends or things i’ve read on the internet… anything that can make our lives easier, more fun, more organized, more practical…

The first one is an idea I got from one of my best mom buddies, Jeje Quizon.

I have this big pile of flashcards I’ve collected over the years, from way back when Nathan was a baby (and he’s 14 now.) I’ve added new sets along the way as I had more kids. I have ABC’s, 123’s, everyday words, addition, multiplication, opposites, animals, phonics, telling time, flags, etc. Most sets are incomplete though. Most cards have folds and creases and even food stains on them due to the daily wear and tear. I have tried to store them properly by putting each set on ziplock bags but i guess this didn’t work so well. When we went to Jeje’s house yesterday to have our pre-easter egghunt, I saw her sets of flashcards. This particular one was her eldest Julia’s, who is now 11. But the set was complete and clean. Here’s how she did it:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

She had the cards laminated (National Bookstore or Copylandia offers this service) and she held them together with a ring. You can also opt to buy the laminating films from the bookstore and iron them by yourselves at home.  Isn’t this such a smart idea? I wish I’ve known this earlier. It could have saved me money from buying new flashcards everytime I had a new child. Thanks Jeje for allowing me to share this ingenious idea!