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    I enrolled Nathan today for his 2nd year in Ateneo High School. It’s astounding how tuition fees have skyrocketed over the years. When I was in highschool, a few thousand pesos was enough for the first quarter. But now, that only covers school supplies. I really thank God for Paolo who budgets our money so well, that come enrollment time, we have enough to fund our checks. Call me shallow but I am so happy I saved P2,000 by borrowing Nathan’s books from one of our friends. You moms can relate with me on this. Don’t we try to find ways to save every peso? I got Nathan oversized uniforms…

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    Laughters is a good midesen

    This night is getting a bit too stressful. Nathan just had surgery to remove 2 of his 4 impacted molars and is in need of a lot of tender loving care. Janina has guests over from school. Joaquin is constantly demanding for my attention. (Ryan, thankfully, fell asleep early.) And I need to prepare for my talk tomorrow at Mommy Academy. While I was looking for funny illustrations for my topic, I came across this article that really, really made me LAUGH OUT LOUD! PINOY SIGNS: Posted outside a house in Jaro, Iloilo : HOURSE FOR RENT, FULLY FURNACED (Boy, it must really be hot in there.) On a glass window…

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    “I didn’t get to say goodbye to Dad.”

    This was Ryan’s first statement to me yesterday as I woke up. Paolo and Nathan left for Boracay very early so goodbyes to the other kids were said the night before. Unfortunately, Ryan was so tired he crashed in bed a little too early and missed it. So when he came to my bedroom the next morning, that’s the first thing he told me, in between tears “I didn’t get to say goodbye to Dad.” I became teary as well because I felt his sadness. Saying goodbye is an important ritual in our family, much like saying goodnight every night before bedtime. I treasure the times whenever Paolo and I…

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    A Mother’s Day Request

    I was thankful for the gifts and cards I got from my husband and kids for Mother’s Day but I just had to make one simple request… a decent studio family portrait. We haven’t had one since Janina was a baby. After some hesitation from the kids, they don’t really like photo shoots, they all agreed to make me happy and give in.