Now I know why Joaquin’s colds haven’t cleared up after 2 weeks. The pediatrician confirmed that it is allergic rhinitis. Once I got home, I immediately had the curtains washed and the sheets changed. I also had to order an air sterilizer that should kill all the bacteria and allergens in the room (if that is even possible, living in Manila). With my fingers crossed, I do hope that these steps will help Joaquin.


I have been sleepless for about a week now. Our youngest child, Joaquin, who is 6 months old, has been sick and teething at the same time and haven’t been able to sleep at night. And of course, I have been up with him too. It is such a big temptation to get frustrated during times like this. But I choose to comfort myself with the thought that this too shall pass.

As I look at my 3 older kids, I don’t even remember the times I have been up at night with them. And they all sleep so soundly at night now. So i just cherish this time with my little  Joaquin…

Just a Question

My daughter asks my husband and I a question, “Can I play outside in our garden?” I reply, “It’s very hot outside. It’s high noon. It can hurt your skin.” Paolo seconds the reply by saying, “Yeah, the sun outside can cause skin cancer. Getting exposed to the sun at noon time for a long time is not good for you.” Paolo and I gave her a long discourse on skin cancer.

After our speech, Janina quips, “Hmmm… I was just asking if i could play outside…”


As every parent would agree, trying to teach a 3 year old to get organized can be a real challenge. One afternoon, I tell Ryan to put away his video cd’s or else, she’ll give them all away to someone else. To this, with his charming smile, Ryan replies, “Ok mom…just buy me some more.” Ryan talaga…

It’s Just Me

Ryan, our 3 year old, loves wearing costumes. One day he is Superman, then the next day a Power Ranger, another day, Spiderman. One afternoon, he was wearing his Batman costume. Paolo and I played along and exaggerated our reactions.

“Whoa!!! Batman is here! I don’t believe it!  ! Batman, can I get your autograph?”

After a moment, he pulls off his mask with a smile, and says “ACTUALLY, it’s just me…Ryan…”

Oo nga naman…


I’ve always wanted to become a mom. As a young girl, I never dreamt of being a successful doctor or business woman. I’ve always dreamt of marrying the man of my dreams, having kids with him and taking care of my family. I am not one of those women who dreaded having kids. I’ve always looked forward to changing diapers, feeding times, giving my babies a bath, and going with them to the park. Well, it’s been said that dreams do come true. Mine have. I thank God for the family that he has given me!

This blog is a venue for me to share my joys as a mom, my ups and downs, and everything I have learned and am learning along the way.