A World Without Boundaries

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These days must be confusing for our children. Our society has seemed to have blurred the lines between right and wrong… making what used to be unquestionably unacceptable, now acceptable. What used to be black and white are now grey areas. If we go down this path, I wonder what the world will be like ten, twenty years from now. The question is, who defines right and wrong? If it was God who put us in this world, then we need to trust His rules. If there is anyone who knows man’s tendency to push the boundaries, it is our Creator. That’s why He made sure to articulate for us through His Word the boundaries, commands and rules that should govern our world. If we abandon an absolute standard that gives us the boundaries to live by, then anyone or any group can declare acceptable whatever they feel is right. God […]

Why the Boundaries?

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An unfortunate thing happened today. The pet birds of Janina and Ryan were perched on their stand when our house cat suddenly entered the house. As soon as Janina noticed the cat, she quickly got up to put the birds inside their cage. Unfortunately, one of the birds resisted and jumped off from her hand onto the floor, and you can guess what happened next. It’s too gory to describe here.                       If you follow my blog, you should know by now that I would never let a teachable moment pass me by. And in my books, this is one blockbuster teachable moment. I took the time to process with the kids what just took place. Obviously, Janina wanted to protect the birds from the cat that’s why she attempted to move them from the open space to the cramp cage. […]

constant supervision

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It would have been a more pleasant time with my family at Starbucks had I not been constantly distracted by three children who were running around the place, going up and down the metal staircase and were talking so loudly as if they were the only ones there. I looked around the place to check where the parents were and saw that they were busy talking with several adults at their table. I understood that maybe they were enjoying this time of catching up with their friends but I wished that they just didn’t let their children make a playground out of Starbucks. Running and shouting are normal for young children but a coffee shop was not the right place for it. I don’t mean to sound judgmental because I, too,  have found myself  in a similar situation many times in the past, and I still do up to this […]

terrible two?

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I was asking Joaquin to stay in his highchair and he didn’t want to obey. I asked him “Who’s the boss? Mommy or Joaquin?” And he answered, “JOAQUIN BOSS!” Don’t you just love kids at this age? I do! 2-year olds are so cute and funny! But they can also be challenging. Because of his growing independence, a 2-year old will start asserting himself and insisting on what he wants. This is the stage where he often says “NO” to his parents’ command. And if he doesn’t get what he wants, he normally resorts to yelling and temper tantrums. This is why I guess they call it the terrible two’s. As terrible as it sounds, the good thing about this stage is that your toddler is very moldable. Your child is very eager and hungry to learn that’s why it is best to start laying the foundation of discipline in […]

setting boundaries for our kids

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Today our little Joaquin got hold of a marker and started drawing on a small white board. After a few minutes, to my shock, I realized that his marker started to wander off the board and onto our floor. Had I not caught him in time, I’m sure his marker would have made it to our walls, and bedsheets, and clothes. I wonder how our house would look like if Paolo and I didn’t have boundaries for our kids. According to my daughter Janina, this place would look like a “dumpster.” Empty bags of chips all over, dirty clothes in the hallway, wet cotton balls stuck on the mirror (yes they’ve done this), drawings on the walls, CD’s on the floor, kids screaming at each other and possibly hurting each other, etc, etc. You get the idea. Why the need for boundaries? Boundaries keep our children safe and secure. Just […]