mom the builder (part 2)

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I vividly remember Nathan’s first day in highschool. That was four years ago. I said goodbye wondering if he would even survive his first hour. Nathan spent most of his gradeschool years in homeschool and some years in a small Christian school that had a population of 300. The school we enrolled him in for highschool, Ateneo de Manila University, had 40 students in a class, and 600 students for the 1st year alone! The first few weeks of transition was not easy at all. Nathan would often plead with me to pull him out and homeschool him again. He was in a culture that was very different from what he was used to at home and in church. But Paolo and I were convinced in our hearts that he had to stay in that big school. There were many days when Nathan would tell me he spent his lunch […]

mom the builder

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I have built many different sort of things for my kids… Lego houses, popsicle towers, sand castles, paper airplanes, play dough animals and the list goes on. But there is a kind of building that I do that is intangible…it cannot be touched, it cannot be seen, but it’s still as real… In fact, I won’t even be able to see what I’m building right away.  I am building what’s inside my children… their faith and their character. Proverbs says that “A wise woman builds her home…” I can spend a lot of time building a business or a career, or my blog, or a name for myself. But I cannot neglect building my home, building my children. What am I building in my children? Their education? Their musical talents or athletic ability? Their bank account? Of course all these things are important and I won’t deny that my husband […]