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Parents these days are so competitive. That includes me. We’ve been bombarded by the media with “winning is everything” slogans. We want our kids to win every spelling bee, singing contest and basketball game. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to win. We want our kids to always be motivated to win. But let’s not overlook the importance of our children’s attitude towards winning and towards their opponents.  They can have a mantle full of trophies but if they have lost the friends they’ve competed with because of their nasty attitude, then what is it really good for? Relationships are more important than trophies. Below is a story that Janina’s Grade 5 Adviser shared with Paolo and me: “Go Cleyanne!” Janina’s voice was heard across the room as her friend stepped in front. It was the elimination round for the Linggo ng Wika singing contest, where Janina was also one […]

playgroup problems

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Dear Jenn, Could I ask you for a piece of advice? My daughter is already attending playgroup . I’m amazed at an early age that she learned a lot like eating independently, wearing her slippers properly, and a lot more things that an ordinary 2 year old cannot do yet. Today, her teacher spoke to me about my daughter beating her classmate. Honestly i don’t want to make excuses for my daughter though i told her teacher that she won’t hit anyone if she was not provoked but still I know that it’s wrong to hit or hurt someone. I was convicted of my actions. Because nowadays, I’ve been disciplining her too much. And sometimes because I have a lot on my plate, I really get impatient with her and shout at her. I can’t help but think that my own behavior has caused my daughter to be aggressive towards […]

caring for others

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I know my kids are not perfect. In fact, I’d be the first one to tell you that they are far from being perfect. But I still love to brag about them anyway. 😀 Below is a story that Ryan’s Grade 1 Adviser shared with Paolo and me: I gave the class an assignment about “Animals and Their Young”. In class, I told the class to share and discuss their homework with their classmates. Most of the kids were busy sharing their work with one another and some of them were standing in front of me, waiting for their turn to ask me a question. Ryan was one of those students. Suddenly, Reuben came to me and said, “Ms. Jas, nobody wants to share their homework with me.” He said these words with a gloomy face. When Ryan heard Reuben, he immediately turned to him and said, “Here, look at […]

do we pass the test?

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Yesterday, some of you might have read on my Facebook status that I have written “So many things went wrong today, but still, God is good.” Top of the list was Ryan accidentally spilled water on their laptop. We immediately brought it to a Powermac service center, and found out that to have everything repaired will cost us more than P60,000! How ridiculous is that! But that’s not my point today 😉 Things like these will test our character, our values and our priorities. Here is my husband’s insightful blog about the whole incident.

guarding your eyes

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We were at a convenience store the other day with the kids. While I was getting the stuff I needed, I noticed Ryan standing by the magazine rack and he looked like he was shuffling and rearranging the magazines that were neatly stacked in rows. I gave him that glaring “what-are-you-doing!-leave-those-stuff-alone” look while walking quickly to where he was. As I was getting closer, I realized what he was doing. He was turning the magazines the other way, but not all the magazines, only those that had skimpily-clad women on the cover. He told me “It is not good for people to see these.” I felt so proud of my little boy. At 6 years old, he understood what it meant to “guard your eyes.” One of the biggest challenges we parents face these days is how to protect our kids from images that can mar their innocence and purity. […]

stepping back

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Nathan’s first year in highschool was not very easy… from a class of 11 in grade 7 to a class of 40 in Ateneo, from a school with a population of 250 to a school population of over 2,000, getting to know his classmates from different kinds of background, adjusting to different teaching styles, being exposed to greater peer pressure and standing up for his convictions and coping with the much heavier load of schoolwork (being in the honors class, the level of difficulty was higher than the other classes.) Several times during the schoolyear, Nathan talked to me about homeschooling. One such time was when a teacher of his accused him of violating one of the school rules and he seemed powerless to defend himself. Nathan has always been deadset on not only getting academic honors but also getting the Kostka award, which was the character award, given to […]

standing up for what is right

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After school, Nathan told me that his art teacher wanted to borrow their group’s artwork for her niece. She explained that the typhoon Ondoy had flooded her friend’s house and destroyed her niece’s project that needed to be submitted soon. Nathan’s groupmates all agreed to give their artwork to this poor girl, because it did seem to be a reasonable thing to do.  But something inside Nathan didn’t feel right. I asked him what he wanted to do. He said he wanted to confront his teacher and tell her he doesn’t feel it’s right. I gave him my approval to do so, while making sure he knew how to do it in a respectful manner. I was anxious to know the following afternoon how their talk went. Nathan said that his teacher listened but only responded with a smile. So he didn’t really know whether she understood his sentiments. But […]