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As part of our Christmas traditions, our kids prepare loot bags with goodies and toys and we drive around the city and give them away to street children. I remember one Christmas when Ryan was compelled to give the slippers he was wearing to one boy who was walking barefoot. As we have done this year after year,  we saw how it has developed compassion in my kids for the less fortunate. Here is an opportunity for your kids to give this Christmas: OPERATION CHRISTMAS BOX: Build a Christmas Gift Box for a Child. Parents, here’s our opportunity to show our children how to make Christmas special for other people in need. Just one box can make a whole world of difference. Here’s how to make that difference: 1. Use an empty shoe box or plastic container and fill it up with personal hygiene paraphernalia, school supplies and toys to […]


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Whenever I smell peach potpourri, I am always reminded of my 18th birthday because my give-aways at my debut were little baskets filled with dried barks of peach fragrance. Isn’t it interesting when we walk into a room and smell something that triggers certain memories from the past? How often have you gotten a sniff of a particular scent and it fills you with nostalgia and brings back feelings from a particular experience, whether pleasant or unpleasant? “Scents have an uncanny ability to trigger memories because they are the only sense that directly connects to the part of the brain that stores emotional memories“. Because of this, I always use cinnamon-scented candles in our home every Christmas, and I don’t use it on any other time of the year. I want my children to associate that scent with happy memories from our Christmas celebrations. I want my children, when they […]

a tree of memories

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Every year, we kick off the Christmas season by decorating our tree together as a family. It warmed my heart when Janina exclaimed how she loves our tree because of the different ornaments we have collected over the years and said that she wants to continue the tradition with her own family. This tradition was inspired by our pastors Steve and Deborah Murrell, and it gave a more special meaning to our Christmas tree. Our kids always look forward to opening our box of christmas decor and reminiscing memories attached to each ornament. Decorating our tree is only one of the different activities we do as part of our Christmas traditions to make the holidays memorable for our children. Here are some of the Punzalan collection:

The “ber” Months Are Here!

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Yikes! I can’t believe it’s September ! It was just like yesterday we were opening our Christmas gifts by our tree. Why does time have to fly so fast? I remember last September when I was walking in the mall, tears filled my eyes when I heard Christmas songs being played. I am always overcome with a feeling of nostalgia at the thought of Christmas. For the most part it’s because of a lot of happy memories of past Christmases, but also it makes me sentimental to think that another year has flown by just like that. It is never too early to prepare for Christmas. Especially here in the Philippines where Christmas trees are already being set up as early as October, it is always good to plan ahead. Here are some tips that year after year I remind myself of but never actually get to do. Haha. 😀 […]