3 Steps to Quality Time

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It’s such a challenge to spend time with family these days especially that our kids are in different stages— And whenever we do manage to get together, we are all usually swamped with our own things we need to work on… our own to-do lists and deadlines for work and school. But we do need to make an effort to spend quality time together. Otherwise, we will drift apart from one another and develop a new normal — to come home and do our own thing and leave whenever we need to and not spend time with each other. Here are three simple steps to help you develop the habit of spending quality time as a family: Plan. Spending time with each other will not happen naturally. You need to be deliberate and carve out time for this. Prioritize the most important people in your life. Plan your day, your […]

a different kind of Christmas

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Merry Christmas everyone! This was our Noche Buena last night at the hospital to be with my sister and brother-in-law. My brother-in-law is undergoing treatment for leukemia. It wasn’t anything grand but we had God’s presence which was more than enough. It was also a good thing for our kids to see that Christmas is not all about opening presents. It’s about love, family, sacrifice. They realized that Christmas without the food and presents is still as meaningful because the reasons for our celebration remains… the birth of Jesus.  Jesus You are the reason we celebrate!  

counting down to Christmas

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As we count down to Christmas, we try to do different things with the kids each night. We have candlelight dinners, play board games, watch Christmas videos, enjoy hot chocolate and marshmallows, sing carols and others. Tonight we will read some of the Christmas books that we have collected over the years.

our 2013 Christmas ornaments

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Every year for Christmas, we try to get new ornaments for our tree that will help us remembers special events and milestones for that year. That’s why decorating our tree always becomes a trip down memory lane, as we recall the story behind each ornament before we hang it up on the tree. Our ornaments for this year were bought from Bonner’s Christmas Wonderland in Michigan, USA.

Christmas without Christ

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I have a confession to make. My four-year old son Joaquin is confused about Christmas. He was out with me grocery shopping and was excitedly admiring all the Christmas decors that adorned the supermarket when he exclaimed “Santa is the king of Christmas!” I was shocked at his statement. I felt like my child blurted out some kind of heresy ! (Okay, okay, I’m over-reacting, I know. He is, in fact, only 4.) Of course I couldn’t just let that kind of statement slip, so I corrected him on the spot and said that it’s not Santa, but JESUS. This incident reminded me of one important reality… that it is easy for our children to miss out on the real PERSON behind Christmas. Everywhere you go, the Christmas spirit is in the air, decorations of Santa and reindeers and evergreens are all over, but nowhere will you find Jesus. Only […]