spending the holidays in Baguio

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Our kids look forward to Christmas, yes, but one thing we all look forward to is our yearly vacation in between Christmas and New Year’s. With each year getting busier and busier, we really need to be deliberate to send the last days of each year with one another. We also take this time as a family to recall all of God’s blessings to us that year and to write our faith goals, the things we are believing God for in the next year.

kids just wanna have fun

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I was really looking forward to attending the seminar of Ms. Darlene Sala, a pastor’s wife, author and international conference speaker, along with other pastor’s wives. I knew that she would have so much wisdom to share about marriage,  family and ministry. Over lunch, I asked her what one advice she could give us about raising children. And this was what she said: “If I had the chance to do things over, I would play with my children more.” The simplicity of her answer caught me by surprise. But I think I get what she was talking about. Though we know that parenting is not all about fun, I think all moms can agree that we can be so uptight sometimes. We get so stressed over our to-do list and ignore our kids who just want to enjoy a few minutes with us. Sometimes keeping the house neat and tidy […]

laugh out loud

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The other night as I was washing up, I noticed a band-aid plastered on my back. I know I didn’t put it there. Then I realized, it was my daughter Janina who did! No wonder, she kept on hugging me earlier! So I did what a loving mother would do. I got my own band-aid, snuck inside their room and plastered it on her forehead as she lay sleeping. Imagine her surprise, when she looked in the mirror the following day! We had a good laugh about it! One thing about our family is we love to laugh! We love tickle fights, making fun of each other, telling jokes, acting silly and pulling pranks on one another. I remember one April fool’s, when i drank salty water because my kids put salt in my glass of water. When stuck in traffic, we would decide to talk in rhymes and just […]