spending the holidays in Baguio

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Our kids look forward to Christmas, yes, but one thing we all look forward to is our yearly vacation in between Christmas and New Year’s. With each year getting busier and busier, we really need to be deliberate to send the last days of each year with one another. We also take this time as a family to recall all of God’s blessings to us that year and to write our faith goals, the things we are believing God for in the next year.

our trip to coron

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At the beginning of summer, we asked our kids where they wanted to go for vacation: HongKong or Palawan. Unanimously they chanted “Palawan, Palawan.” I almost regretted making them choose. If it was up to me, I would always prefer shopping in the city and theme parks over lots of sun and sticky, salty water. I started doing the preparations for the trip… booking with the airline, arranging our lodging and island-hopping tours. With the tips given by several friends, I was able to save several thousands of pesos. We spent 4 days in Coron, Palawan. I must say that every centavo we spent was well worth it. And I’m sure glad the kids chose to go there. The islands of Coron were something else. The beaches were the cleanest I’ve seen so far, and the snorkelling was lots of fun because the fishes were everywhere. We all want to […]