3 Steps to Quality Time

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It’s such a challenge to spend time with family these days especially that our kids are in different stages— And whenever we do manage to get together, we are all usually swamped with our own things we need to work on… our own to-do lists and deadlines for work and school. But we do need to make an effort to spend quality time together. Otherwise, we will drift apart from one another and develop a new normal — to come home and do our own thing and leave whenever we need to and not spend time with each other. Here are three simple steps to help you develop the habit of spending quality time as a family: Plan. Spending time with each other will not happen naturally. You need to be deliberate and carve out time for this. Prioritize the most important people in your life. Plan your day, your […]

How Are You Building?

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The renovations we thought would take just three months have now extended to seven, and we are not even done yet. Also the budget that we originally set had to be adjusted so many times to accommodate the things that we wanted. I think we would have done things differently if we were renovating a rented place.. we wouldn’t have spent so much time and money on it. But this is our very own… not a mansion, but still, it’s something we can call our own. Whenever we are tempted to take shortcuts or to choose something cheaper but of less quality to lower costs, we stop for a moment and think “What kind of house do we want? Will this house still stand after 25 years? Will it be good enough to pass on to our children? ” I don’t want to make choices now that I will only […]

Go Ahead, Take A Break!

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Life has never been so busy and fast-paced that it is so easy to find an excuse to stay in the city instead of going on a holiday with our children. It was a good thing that my husband and I have agreed a long time ago, before we even had children, that family vacations will be a priority for us. Every month, we allot a certain amount for vacation expenses that goes into our savings so that when it is time to do it, we have the funds for it. Getting out of the routine is always good not only for the parents, but for the children as well. It gives us a chance to put aside the demands of our jobs, friends, in-laws, school and household management for a few days and focus on each other. Well that’s the goal. 🙂 Vacations don’t always have to be far […]

spending the holidays in Baguio

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Our kids look forward to Christmas, yes, but one thing we all look forward to is our yearly vacation in between Christmas and New Year’s. With each year getting busier and busier, we really need to be deliberate to send the last days of each year with one another. We also take this time as a family to recall all of God’s blessings to us that year and to write our faith goals, the things we are believing God for in the next year.

stories i love to hear

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If your faith needs a boost, I want you to read this story. It may be a little lengthy but it is such a great testimony of God’s faithfulness and provision. I called my friend the other day to ask her how she was doing, since her eldest and only daughter just left to study in the US. Her daughter graduated top of her class in highschool and was granted a scholarship in one of the universities in California. Naturally, she was filled with emotion, with a lot of thoughts running through her head, such as “Will she make it without me?” Her only consolation was to hope they could raise enough funds for her daughter to come home next year and spend the summer with the family. Now she relates this story to me… Her husband was the one who accompanied her daughter on the flight and will help […]

setting boundaries for our kids

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Today our little Joaquin got hold of a marker and started drawing on a small white board. After a few minutes, to my shock, I realized that his marker started to wander off the board and onto our floor. Had I not caught him in time, I’m sure his marker would have made it to our walls, and bedsheets, and clothes. I wonder how our house would look like if Paolo and I didn’t have boundaries for our kids. According to my daughter Janina, this place would look like a “dumpster.” Empty bags of chips all over, dirty clothes in the hallway, wet cotton balls stuck on the mirror (yes they’ve done this), drawings on the walls, CD’s on the floor, kids screaming at each other and possibly hurting each other, etc, etc. You get the idea. Why the need for boundaries? Boundaries keep our children safe and secure. Just […]