When It’s Hard To Forgive

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It must have been the third time Joaquin had told me that he was not inviting his friend, Marcus (not his real name) to his birthday party in September. When I asked him why, he said that Marcus pushed him and that he was still mad at him. I told him that the right thing to do would be to forgive his friend because that’s what Jesus wants us to do when we get offended. He said, “I have already forgiven him but only half. Next year I will forgive him whole.” I knew what he was trying to say because I have found myself in the same boat many times in the past. It’s like, yes, I want to forgive the person, but I am still too hurt to completely release forgiveness. Though Joaquin is only 6 years old, I believe he needs to understand what it really means to forgive, […]

something’s wrong in this picture (repost)

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Look at this picture. The hot air balloon is fully inflated, ready to fly but why is it still on the ground? It is because of the weight of several men pulling it down, holding it back. This is a picture of what unforgiveness does to us. God wants us to live a full life, to soar to greater heights, but we allow the hurts and offenses of the past to weigh us down. We have one life to live… forgive. God wants us to enjoy life and build memories with the people He has put in our lives. How many birthdays, anniversaries, reunions have we missed because of the hurt and anger we’ve nursed in our hearts all these years? As we enter the Christmas season, it is a good time to check our hearts. Have we harboured unforgiveness toward someone? Now is a good time to let go. […]


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A few weeks ago, Paolo and I were counselling a couple who kept on arguing over the pettiest of things. I left them with a 3-word “mantra” that really sounded silly, but I think it drove the point home: ALWAYS CHOOSE “US”. Five years ago, I made this blog to surprise Paolo on the eve of Valentine’s Day. I was expecting no less than a delighted “Oh darling, you’re the sweetest and most thoughtful wife!” but instead I got a lukewarm retort “Ano ‘to?” uttered in a tone that to me meant “How did you even think of coming up with a crazy idea such as this?” Of course that was not what he meant. Maybe he was caught off guard or maybe he felt embarassed that I bragged about him to the whole blogosphere, but his response offended me. “ANO ‘TO?!!!” That’s all you could say?” At this point, […]