lessons from the past week

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As most of you might already know, my eldest son got dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) last week. At the onset of his fever, Nathan already told me that he felt this wasn’t just your ordinary flu. His headache and body pains were severe and his fever spiked up to 40 degrees. On the third day of fever, we took him to the hospital for a blood test. He was confirmed positive for dengue. His platelet count had started to go down too.  On the 6th day, his fever finally disappeared, and his platelet count took it’s lowest dip at 13,000 (the normal count is 150,000-400,000.) We were told that the next 24 to 72 hours would be critical because it was during this time that fluid would be leaking out of his blood vessels. They extracted blood every six hours, and watched out for shock, lung congestion and bleeding. DHF […]

no more cast

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After 6 weeks of xrays and visits to the doctor, we are so happy to be told that Janina’s fracture healed very well. So well that she wouldn’t be needing rehab anymore. We thank God for her complete healing! Thank you to all our family and friends who prayed for her as well!

elmo saves the day

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A few days after Joaquin’s fall in the shower, we had to take him to the dentist to know the extent of injury on his teeth. Two of his front upper teeth were moving and now there was a gap in between. Joaquin really has always been good with doctors visits, but since his lips and gums were still very tender and sore from the accident, we weren’t really sure if he would cooperate and sit still during his examination and xray. Thank God we brought along Elmo, whom Joaquin fondly calls “wawa”, and with the supporting role of the Ipod video, together they helped Joaquin cooperate. No screaming, no kicking, just sitting still and allowing the dentist to do her job. But the best part of the check-up was the results of the xray: there were no fractures in his teeth! The dentist said that his 2 mobile teeth […]

joaquin turns 1

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We are so happy to celebrate Joaquin’s 1st birthday. His life so far has been so eventful! 4 months in my womb, 2 cysts were seen in his brain via ultrasound. Friends and family prayed with us and after 6 weeks, the cysts weren’t seen anymore. When he was almost 9 months old, he got Kawasaki disease. Something I have just vaguely heard about years before. And Joaquin got it. Causes are unknown. But thank God that it is easily diagnosed and treated with IVIG (immunoglobulin something.) Joaquin brings so much joy to our lives! His siblings adore him and he adores them as much!