good-looking or rich?

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Yesterday, Janina and I heard about a survey saying that majority of men prefer “good-looking but poor” as a life partner while majority of women prefer “rich but ugly.” Upon hearing this, I turned to Janina and asked her “What do you think I looked for in your dad?” I was assuming she’d say either good-looking or rich (in good deeds maybe :D) , or tall, or kind, or smart, or all of the above, hehe. But her answer caught me by surprise. She said “godly.” I did pray for a good-looking, financially-stable, kind and yes, a tall man, among others. But really, on top of my list was godly. A man who feared the Lord, who would honor him in his marriage, work, and all aspects of his life. And i’m glad that Janina saw that, without me having to spell it out. If there’s something I’ve learned in […]


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Janina’s a Taylor Swift fan! Had I known that her concert tickets will sell out in 2 days I should have lined up at Ticketnet. The ones we got were just SRO tickets (priced the same as the seated ones in Upper Box A at P3,700 each!!) but at least Janina gets to see her. Janina too wants to be a singer someday! We’re hoping that this concert will give her a vision of what she could be in the future.

no more cast

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After 6 weeks of xrays and visits to the doctor, we are so happy to be told that Janina’s fracture healed very well. So well that she wouldn’t be needing rehab anymore. We thank God for her complete healing! Thank you to all our family and friends who prayed for her as well!


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Parents these days are so competitive. That includes me. We’ve been bombarded by the media with “winning is everything” slogans. We want our kids to win every spelling bee, singing contest and basketball game. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to win. We want our kids to always be motivated to win. But let’s not overlook the importance of our children’s attitude towards winning and towards their opponents.  They can have a mantle full of trophies but if they have lost the friends they’ve competed with because of their nasty attitude, then what is it really good for? Relationships are more important than trophies. Below is a story that Janina’s Grade 5 Adviser shared with Paolo and me: “Go Cleyanne!” Janina’s voice was heard across the room as her friend stepped in front. It was the elimination round for the Linggo ng Wika singing contest, where Janina was also one […]

home-made nail art

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After Janina’s initial excitement over her cast wore off, she started to feel the weight, literally and figuratively, and the inconvenience of having to carry that cement mold for at least 4 weeks. I thought of a way to get her mind off her predicament and channel her energies into something that will distract her and make time fly faster. Nail art! I told her that with each week that passes, i will get her different colors of nail polish and we will experiment with our own nail art at home. The idea seemed to work because she was complaining less and less about her cast and getting more and more excited about expanding her nail polish collection. We also managed to make our own inexpensive nail dotting tool. We’re still a bit messy and shaky, but here are some of the stuff we did: No doubt, our children will […]

my new mommy challenge

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Motherhood is an adventure. This week I learned about bone injuries. The terms I’ve long forgotten in science class were brought back to memory, like ulna, radius, closed reduction and the like. Janina fractured her arm while playing in the playground last Friday. It’s amazing how a split-second fall can cost you thousands of pesos in medical care and weeks of recovery. Now her whole left arm, from the wrist to the armpit, has to be in a cast for at least 4 weeks. My already independent daughter is now once again, very dependent on me. She needs assistance for basically everything, from fixing her hair to feeding herself. My new challenge is: How do you bathe a child in a cast? I tried it tonight by using cellophane and taping it around her arm. Well, I guess it worked because I managed to keep her cast dry. But I […]