Bad News, Good News

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I really don’t like to be a messenger of bad news. But today, I confronted our five-year old Joaquin with one. After I told him the bad news, he was near tears, nervous and confused. But thankfully, I had good news to share too. And when our conversation ended, there was rejoicing around our dining table. The bad news? That because of his sin, Joaquin is destined to die and go to hell and live a life of eternity away from God. But the good news is God sent His son Jesus to die in his place so that he can be with God forever. After we explained this to Joaquin in the simplest way possible, he ended up asking Jesus in His heart to save him from his sin. And I ended up in tears because of the joy of seeing him give his life to Jesus. Yes parents, […]

happy 4th birthday joaquin!

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Happy 4th birthday to our youngest child Joaquin ! You are one of God’s greatest blessings to me! Everyday we are amazed and amused at how smart and funny you are! We cannot imagine our family without you! We love your smile! We love your hearty laugh! We love your funny remarks! We love it when you say “I’m 4 but I’m still young in my heart!” We love it when you sing “You are Amazing God and Our God” complete with hand movements! We love listening to you pray before meals. We love watching you play Mine Craft and Plants vs Zombies!                                                                                            We love […]

growing older

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This conversation was one I did not expect to have with my youngest: Joaquin: “Mom, I don’t want to have my birthday.” Me: “Why? Birthdays are fun!” Joaquin: “Because I don’t want to get older. I don’t want to be 4.” In my mind I’m exclaiming “You’re only 3 Joaquin!! Imagine how i must feel!” But I managed to compose myself and ask “Why don’t you like to turn 4?” Joaquin: “Being 3 is so cool!” Why Joaquin is anxious about growing older at this young an age is something I find interesting but I guess that’s a good sign that he is enjoying his childhood. But I can relate to his anxiety about growing older. I too have moments when I wish my birthdays will not come anymore and hope that I can just freeze time and keep things as they are. There are days I dread growing older […]

getting a haircut

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It’s been a while since Joaquin got a haircut. Everyone in the family loved his long, unkempt hair, including himself. Everytime I would plan to bring him to the barber shop, he would always resist. But his hair was getting too difficult to manage, it almost always looked messy and tangly, so I decided to bring him anyway. On the way, I prepared him for what was about to happen. As usual, he reasoned out that “my brothers and sister like my hair long,” and “I look cool with long hair” (for some reason, he is into being cool these days) and every excuse he could think of. I needed to act fast as we were nearing our destination because I didn’t want this to be an unpleasant experience for him and cause a scene at the barber’s. And then a thought came and I told Joaquin, “I will tell […]