Best Birthday Message

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  This birthday was quite different for me. I was on a plane somewhere over the Indian Ocean going home from South Africa when 12 midnight struck. I had a birthday breakfast in Singapore during our layover with my husband and two of our very good friends, Ariel and Shirley. Then we got home and waited for the kids to be dismissed from their respective schools and had a nice dinner at the newly-opened Denny’s in BGC. What I want to share with you are two of the best yet birthday messages I’ve received. They are of course from my children. I share this with all the moms because I believe that everyone of  you too deserves these words. This one is from my eldest, Nathan: “They say the older you get, the more you appreciate your parents. Well I’m 21 this year, and with each passing year I’ve discovered more […]

don’t you just love being a mom?

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Two nights ago, Ryan came to our room asking if he could sleep with us. Occasionally, one of our kids will knock on our bedroom door in the middle of the night, pillow and comforter in tow, saying he had a bad dream and just wanted to be with us. It is for this reason that I have a spare mattress in our room. I love it that we are able to give them the comfort they need. Joaquin, who has been clingly the past days, told me yesterday “Mom, don’t leave me ok? You’re mine, ok?” That just melted my heart. Last night, after we had a family group hug, Janina asked us “Don’t you just love having 4 kids?!” And I exclaimed, “It’s the best!” Tonight, Nathan said that he wants a Kindle for his birthday and Janina gladly volunteered to pay for half of it. It gave […]