are you still married?

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Conversation with Joaquin: Joaquin: Mom, are you and dad still married? Me: Yes, anak, we still are. Why are you asking me that? Joaquin: I just wanted to make sure that you are still married. Me: Don’t worry… Dad and Mom will always stay married. I don’t know what triggered that question out of my 4-yr old. Paolo and I weren’t even fighting at that time. 🙂 I think our kids need to know that their parents are doing okay. Especially these days, when it is not uncommon to encounter kids who are growing up without their dad or mom, our kids need to be assured that it won’t happen to them. Though they will never articulate it, our children are always watching us, looking for clues to our stability as a married couple. From the moment they were born, their world was dad and mom. Everything that they needed […]

do we help or hinder?

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After our series in church entitled “Blueprint,” I was once again reminded of the biblical design of God for man and woman: he was designed to lead and she was designed to help. Unfortunately, whether it’s the influence of the media, or because of one’s personal experience, a lot of men have not stepped up to the plate and have taken on a life of passivity. But this blog is not to address men, but all of you women who are reading this, including me. We are called to be man’s helpmate or helper. Do we help or do we hinder? Often times, we are the first to criticize the men in our lives… our husbands, our fathers, our brothers, our sons, our male friends. We discourage instead of encourage, we put down instead of build up. We don’t trust them enough to make the right decisions and we rob […]

4 e’s of marriage

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We attended a wedding yesterday in Alabang. The traffic was terrible going South but good thing everyone else was stuck in traffic so the wedding didn’t start on time. It was just an intimate wedding and the ceremony was short and sweet. Here are 4E’s, very simple principles, I was reminded about that are crucial to keeping your marriage strong: 1. Enthrone God in your marriage. Keep God in the center of your lives. 2. Embrace your roles. The husband leads in love, the wife submits and supports. 3. Entertain no options. No separation, no annulment, no divorce. Period. 4. Enjoy your spouse. Have fun together.