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Men are meant to lead, cultivate and protect. Wives and all the single women who are reading this, let us support the men God has given to us, our husbands, our sons, our fathers, our brothers, even our male friends, by encouraging them everytime they take a step to lead, cultivate and protect. Too often, we find ourselves criticizing them and judging them, thinking that what they do is not good enough. No wonder we see a lot of passive men, who have just given up trying and have turned over the reins of leadership to women. Whenever your husband steps up, you need to step aside and let him be the man God created him to be. You might feel anxious and fearful at first, that’s okay, but please be encouraging. Always appreciate him for his effort and trust that God will work it out. Our husbands might and […]

4 e’s of marriage

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We attended a wedding yesterday in Alabang. The traffic was terrible going South but good thing everyone else was stuck in traffic so the wedding didn’t start on time. It was just an intimate wedding and the ceremony was short and sweet. Here are 4E’s, very simple principles, I was reminded about that are crucial to keeping your marriage strong: 1. Enthrone God in your marriage. Keep God in the center of your lives. 2. Embrace your roles. The husband leads in love, the wife submits and supports. 3. Entertain no options. No separation, no annulment, no divorce. Period. 4. Enjoy your spouse. Have fun together.

15 years of crazy marriage

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still in bed, upon waking up this morning, paolo puts his arm around me: jenn: you were so mean to me… paolo (shocked): huh? when? how? what did i do? jenn: i don’t remember. it was in my dream last night. paolo: oh, I’m sorry for being mean to you. jenn: it’s ok. i forgive you. after 15 years of marriage, i still love waking up with this crazy guy!

will you ever separate?

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A conversation with Ryan, our 6-yr old as we were driving home: Ryan: Why do couples get married and then separate? Paolo and I try to explain the different reasons. Ryan: Dad, Mom, will you ever separate? Dad, Mom: Of course not! We love each other very much and we will stay married until we die! Ryan: That makes me sooooo happppyyyyyy!!! 😀 It is my hope and prayer that every couple realizes how secure their children feel when they know Dad and Mom love each other and will stay together. Security is not found in material things, but in the relationships that really matter.

5F’s of marriage

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Paolo and I came from the wedding of Gabe Gabriel and Diane Sipin, where we stood as principal sponsors. Yes, we were one of the ninongs and ninongs, and this wasn’t our first. The wedding was very touching and very sincere. Pastor Carlos, the officiating minister, shared to us the 5 F’s of a strong marriage. They were: FOUNDATIONS FAITHFULNESS FORGIVENESS FRUITFULNESS FUN It’s always good to be reminded of these things again and again. A great marriage doesn’t just happen. You make it happen, with God’s help. Here are some of our “pre-nup” pictures. Feeling newly-weds. Hehe… (thanks to our friend Jaja Suarez)