Our Playgroup

Whenever I get a text from a mom-friend like “Let’s hang out!” or “I miss you!”, I know it’s time for a playgroup. As fun as it is for our kids to play with each other, or more like play alongside each other, since they are too young to interact with each other, it is more fun for us moms. A playgroup is an excuse for us to get out of the daily grind of feeding, changing diapers, watching Hi-5 or reading Goodnight Moon. A playgroup is an excuse to speak in real sentences again and converse with adults beyond abc’s and 123’s.

We love our babies so much and enjoy every minute with them but being cooped up in the house for a long time sometimes makes us feel isolated. We have a need to know that we are not alone in whatever we are going through as moms. A playgroup is a nice break to connect with other moms and talk about trivial issues like brushing our babies’ teeth or real “mommy issues” and get support, advice and affirmation.

Anna and Andi, Me and Joaquin, Thammie and Alyanna and Mika, Belle and Hannah, Kitty and Alba

Joaquin in the ballswim

Mika, Andi, Joaquin and Alba