What My Firstborn Has Taught Me

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  Dear Nathan, I can still vividly remember that one last push at the end of my 21-hour labor. Never had I been happy to hear a baby’s cry. And I cried along with you. When our lamaze coach told us that the pain would be worth it, I could now totally understand why. Holding you for the first time gave me so much joy that made me forget the labor pains. Today you are turning 20, and I am getting all sentimental. Without realizing it, you have taught me so much. Here are some of them: You have taught me to enjoy the most mundane of things. The way you love to watch the sunrise or marvel at the orange moon, or when you told me last week as we were biking in Taipei, “Mom, don’t keep asking us to pose for pictures, ok? Let us enjoy this experience”… […]

lessons from the past week

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As most of you might already know, my eldest son got dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) last week. At the onset of his fever, Nathan already told me that he felt this wasn’t just your ordinary flu. His headache and body pains were severe and his fever spiked up to 40 degrees. On the third day of fever, we took him to the hospital for a blood test. He was confirmed positive for dengue. His platelet count had started to go down too.  On the 6th day, his fever finally disappeared, and his platelet count took it’s lowest dip at 13,000 (the normal count is 150,000-400,000.) We were told that the next 24 to 72 hours would be critical because it was during this time that fluid would be leaking out of his blood vessels. They extracted blood every six hours, and watched out for shock, lung congestion and bleeding. DHF […]

mom the builder (part 2)

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I vividly remember Nathan’s first day in highschool. That was four years ago. I said goodbye wondering if he would even survive his first hour. Nathan spent most of his gradeschool years in homeschool and some years in a small Christian school that had a population of 300. The school we enrolled him in for highschool, Ateneo de Manila University, had 40 students in a class, and 600 students for the 1st year alone! The first few weeks of transition was not easy at all. Nathan would often plead with me to pull him out and homeschool him again. He was in a culture that was very different from what he was used to at home and in church. But Paolo and I were convinced in our hearts that he had to stay in that big school. There were many days when Nathan would tell me he spent his lunch […]

the second greatest commandment

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We were at the Every Nation building when Nathan came up to me to ask for P500 from his allowance. When I asked him why, he said he wanted to give it to a guy he just met this afternoon who was selling chocolates to raise money for his ticket to the Ignite Conference. It was no surprise to me that Nathan would give out of his own pocket because he’s always been a giver. But it never fails to warm my heart everytime he does it. Moreover, Janina told me that she wrote a letter to one of her friends who has offended her in hopes of patching things up. Her friend ended up giving her a hug and now their relationship is back to normal. My children rebuke me. I wish I was like Nathan who doesn’t think twice about answering someone’s need, even a person he just […]


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Unwind. by Nate Punzalan on Tuesday, February 22, 2011 at 11:50am Here’s a short poem I made, in proper form: rhyme and meter. Haven’t done this in a while, so it may not be too good. I’m proud of it, though. 🙂 Unwind. Arise! The glowing haze; Their colors turn behind. My heart is in a daze; My thoughts, undone, unwind. A grain of sand in rake; The agony of pride A joy I seek to take. I hold it all inside. The gentle breeze in call, The havoc wrought deceased, It echoes through the hall: The day, at last, is seized! The velvet, ever shy, Ascends to take its place. The darkness in the sky Brings forth an ending race.

family bond

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Our kids are ages 15, 11, 7 and 2. Obviously, they are spaced quite far apart from each other. Some parents prefer their kids to be closer together in age so that they can grow up together and enjoy the same things together, which makes a great point. But we decided we wanted to devote ample time to enjoy each of our children in their toddler years, hence the age gaps of our children. Though each of our kids have their own “barkada” or peer group, and they’re into different extra-curricular activities, and though they have moments of disagreements (sometimes more than i can handle), people are always surprised to see how close they are to each other. Once, we were out of town, our good friend Janelle watched the kids for us and told us how she was amazed at how the kids were affectionate to each other. But […]