myth of the human body

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Last Monday, we accompanied Nathan to the Myth of the Human Body Exhibit at Neobabylon Bldg, Taguig. For an entrance fee P350, you get a crash course on the human anatomy while looking at real body parts. Yes, this exhibit displays actual human corpses that were preserved through a process called “plastination”. It can be eerie and disturbing to some, but more than anything, to me it was an interesting display of the complexities of God’s creation.

nathan turns 15

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The day 15 years ago is still very vivid in my mind. I was sitting on our bed in our townhouse in Valle Verde 6 when I felt the first contraction, which signalled the start of a 23-hour labor for our firstborn. Paolo drove me to St. Luke’s as the intervals of my contractions got shorter thinking Nathan was soon coming out. Little did I know that we still had to wait many hours in the labor room. It was very confusing for us first-time parents, inspite of our childbirth preparation classes. I would feel cold one minute, then very hot the next. I would ask Paolo to massage my legs only to shout “stop!” when he touched me. It was quite an experience. By the time it was over, we were both very exhausted. But as everyone said, the pain was all worth it. Nothing could compare to the […]

the cherry tree

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Author: Nate Punzalan, 2nd HS When I was growing up, one of the places I enjoyed the most was the cherry tree in the backyard. I loved it there, especially during summer when the tree’s sweet, sun-warmed rubies become ripe. I would stay by the tree for hours, picking and eating its little red treats. I had competition, though. Whenever I wasn’t there, flocks of birds would perch all over the tree to devour its precious gems. When I was with my snack-giving friend, however, I’d chase all the winged thieves away. Whenever I started preparing for school, there usually weren’t a lot of cherries leftover. I wonder why the grown-ups never ate them. There were always too many for me, or the birds, to finish. “Oh well,” I’d usually say in my head. “More for me!”


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We met with several of Nathan’s teachers during his first quarter Parent-Teacher Conference. One thing that stood out from their different feedback about Nathan was that he is not afraid to ask questions, to clarify issues or to argue a point. If something doesn’t make sense to him, he doesn’t hesitate to start a discussion about it. If he answers a test question differently, he explains his perspective and requests his teacher to reconsider. I remember when Nathan as a young boy challenged the lines of the ever-popular nursery rhyme Twinkle, twinkle litte star, and explained to me that stars really are not little, and they don’t really twinkle. They just appear to twinkle when seen from the earth due to different factors in the atmosphere. The ability to think critically is one of the most valuable skills that our children can learn. We don’t want our kids to just […]

stepping back

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Nathan’s first year in highschool was not very easy… from a class of 11 in grade 7 to a class of 40 in Ateneo, from a school with a population of 250 to a school population of over 2,000, getting to know his classmates from different kinds of background, adjusting to different teaching styles, being exposed to greater peer pressure and standing up for his convictions and coping with the much heavier load of schoolwork (being in the honors class, the level of difficulty was higher than the other classes.) Several times during the schoolyear, Nathan talked to me about homeschooling. One such time was when a teacher of his accused him of violating one of the school rules and he seemed powerless to defend himself. Nathan has always been deadset on not only getting academic honors but also getting the Kostka award, which was the character award, given to […]