A World Without Boundaries

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These days must be confusing for our children. Our society has seemed to have blurred the lines between right and wrong… making what used to be unquestionably unacceptable, now acceptable. What used to be black and white are now grey areas. If we go down this path, I wonder what the world will be like ten, twenty years from now. The question is, who defines right and wrong? If it was God who put us in this world, then we need to trust His rules. If there is anyone who knows man’s tendency to push the boundaries, it is our Creator. That’s why He made sure to articulate for us through His Word the boundaries, commands and rules that should govern our world. If we abandon an absolute standard that gives us the boundaries to live by, then anyone or any group can declare acceptable whatever they feel is right. God […]

When It’s Hard To Forgive

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It must have been the third time Joaquin had told me that he was not inviting his friend, Marcus (not his real name) to his birthday party in September. When I asked him why, he said that Marcus pushed him and that he was still mad at him. I told him that the right thing to do would be to forgive his friend because that’s what Jesus wants us to do when we get offended. He said, “I have already forgiven him but only half. Next year I will forgive him whole.” I knew what he was trying to say because I have found myself in the same boat many times in the past. It’s like, yes, I want to forgive the person, but I am still too hurt to completely release forgiveness. Though Joaquin is only 6 years old, I believe he needs to understand what it really means to forgive, […]

Five Things Our Kids Need To Hear

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Parents, let us not underestimate the power of our words. God put us in the lives of our children to mold them and raise them up to be secure and confident individuals. There are many ways to do this, but one of the most effective ways is through our words. Below are five important messages we need to convey to our kids. “I love you no matter what.” When Joaquin does something he knows has made me upset, he tells me “I love you mom.” During those times, I know he doesn’t say it for me, he says it for himself because he wants to hear what I normally reply which is “I love you too.” Something in him wants to be assured that I love him just the same even when I am upset with him. When our kids let us down, the first thing they want to know […]

How to Raise a Brat

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I don’t think any parent plans to raise a brat… they just unknowingly do things that make their child one. I think every parent has his child’s best interest in mind. But sometimes, what we think is the best for them isn’t really helping them in the long run. Here are some of those things: 1. Make your child the center of your universe. Arrange your life around his preferences. Schedule your activities according to the things he wants to do. All you talk about in your conversations with other people is your child. Let him know that he is your number one priority and nothing else matters to you. 2. Never tell him “No.” Give him everything he asks for. Allow him to do everything he wants to. When he has a tantrum in the supermarket, immediately buy him the candy that he wants. When he wants to run […]

Who Talks To Your Kids About Sex?

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These days, we are no longer surprised (though we are still very much disturbed) when we hear stories about young teens engaging in casual sex, getting pregnant, or acquiring STD’s.  Kids these days know more and have more experience on this topic than we did when we were their age. Why? Because of the internet. All reading material and videos are within our kids’ reach. It is interesting what this survey says: There is no mention of the parents being a source of information about sex to their children. We are in a culture where it is not normal to talk to our kids about sex. And rightly so, because it feels very awkward to do it.  But if we are scared to talk to them about it, they will find ways to get the information they need. All kids will be curious about this at one point in their […]

How Are You Building?

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The renovations we thought would take just three months have now extended to seven, and we are not even done yet. Also the budget that we originally set had to be adjusted so many times to accommodate the things that we wanted. I think we would have done things differently if we were renovating a rented place.. we wouldn’t have spent so much time and money on it. But this is our very own… not a mansion, but still, it’s something we can call our own. Whenever we are tempted to take shortcuts or to choose something cheaper but of less quality to lower costs, we stop for a moment and think “What kind of house do we want? Will this house still stand after 25 years? Will it be good enough to pass on to our children? ” I don’t want to make choices now that I will only […]

Raising Leaders Right In Your Home

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Since our 5th grader, Ryan, is back in regular school this year, we are back to attending PTC’s. We were eager and anxious to attend our first one because we wanted to know how he transitioned from homeschool to regular school. Well, after jumping from one room to the next to meet each of his teachers, we were pleasantly surprised to hear how Ryan adjusted to the big school setting. They had a lot of nice things to say, how Ryan is so participative in class, how sociable and helpful he is. But our favorite story is this… Ryan ran for class president and won. It is not so much the winning that caught our attention. It was the fact that he nominated himself for the position. He actually didn’t win right way. It was a tie at first. Then he stood up and told his classmates, “Guys, I don’t […]

Bad News, Good News

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I really don’t like to be a messenger of bad news. But today, I confronted our five-year old Joaquin with one. After I told him the bad news, he was near tears, nervous and confused. But thankfully, I had good news to share too. And when our conversation ended, there was rejoicing around our dining table. The bad news? That because of his sin, Joaquin is destined to die and go to hell and live a life of eternity away from God. But the good news is God sent His son Jesus to die in his place so that he can be with God forever. After we explained this to Joaquin in the simplest way possible, he ended up asking Jesus in His heart to save him from his sin. And I ended up in tears because of the joy of seeing him give his life to Jesus. Yes parents, […]

Giving Your Child a Budget

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After Joaquin’s summer musical theater workshop, I promised to get him a toy as a reward. We went to a toy store and I told him that he can get any toy he wanted, as long as it cost P700 or less. At once, he ventured out with excitement like a pirate looking for treasure. “Mom, does this fit my budget?” he would ask. “I’m sorry son, that’s too much,” I would answer. Several times he picked up a toy that cost more than P700 and again and again I would remind him of his budget. (I can’t believe how expensive toys are these days! ) It felt heart-breaking to see him so excited about a toy only to end up walking away from it. I am so proud of my son who displayed so much patience and self-control as he continued to look around, without whining or grumbling, until […]

Authority Vs. Influence

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As I write this, our 5-year old Joaquin has been watching short videos on YouTube for almost an hour now.  Mostly he watches Minecraft tutorials and videos on toy reviews. Occasionally, he would open a video with inappropriate content such as a commentator that uses foul language. Whenever that happens, I order him to immediately close that video. I tell him what videos he can watch and not watch. He is just 5 years old, and I use my authority over him to direct him away from things that are not good for him. Our 18-year old, Nathan, recently bought a Macbook with his own savings. He brings that laptop to school and basically everywhere he goes. Most of the time, he is away from my watchful eyes and actually I really wouldn’t have a clue anymore which websites he visits had he not signed up for x3watch.com . X3watch is a […]