why our kids misbehave

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Another message from facebook: hi ms. jenn, i just stumbled upon this video link and i thought of sharing with you and want to know your thoughts. questionable though http://happychildguide.com/presentation/v1/how-to-get-your-child-to-listen_1/   I clicked on the link and watched the video presentation for about 15 minutes and decided i didn’t want to buy the book they were selling. There are a lot of new books out there on parenting and it is quite tricky to choose what to read and apply. I always use one filter to choose which books to read : the Word of God. For this particular book, though I didn’t read the whole material, there were 2 points the author raised from the 15-min presentation that to me are questionable: ( I will discuss the other point on my next blog) 1. The real reason why kids misbehave is found in the child’s brain chemistry. When a […]

will you ever separate?

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A conversation with Ryan, our 6-yr old as we were driving home: Ryan: Why do couples get married and then separate? Paolo and I try to explain the different reasons. Ryan: Dad, Mom, will you ever separate? Dad, Mom: Of course not! We love each other very much and we will stay married until we die! Ryan: That makes me sooooo happppyyyyyy!!! 😀 It is my hope and prayer that every couple realizes how secure their children feel when they know Dad and Mom love each other and will stay together. Security is not found in material things, but in the relationships that really matter.

everything is a seed

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After hearing Pastor Joey preach on the Parable of the Mustard Seed this morning in church, I was reminded about one very important parenting principle: every little or big thing we do and say to our kids is a seed. It is bound to bear fruit in their lives. Sometimes we feel that our discipline is not taking effect, or our regular dates with them do not make a difference, but we have, in fact, planted a seed in their lives. Sometimes, in our anger and disappointment, we shout at them and say statements like “You’re never gonna change” or “You are so irresponsible”, thinking that they would forget those instances, but we have in fact, planted a seed in their lives. Sometimes we regret spending so much time watching kiddie videos with them (like I am watching Alvin and the Chipmunks 2 now and blogging at the same time) […]

stepping back

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Nathan’s first year in highschool was not very easy… from a class of 11 in grade 7 to a class of 40 in Ateneo, from a school with a population of 250 to a school population of over 2,000, getting to know his classmates from different kinds of background, adjusting to different teaching styles, being exposed to greater peer pressure and standing up for his convictions and coping with the much heavier load of schoolwork (being in the honors class, the level of difficulty was higher than the other classes.) Several times during the schoolyear, Nathan talked to me about homeschooling. One such time was when a teacher of his accused him of violating one of the school rules and he seemed powerless to defend himself. Nathan has always been deadset on not only getting academic honors but also getting the Kostka award, which was the character award, given to […]